NFL Picks week 3

Welcome back to the NFL Picks

To Jump back to week 1,  got the Sams’ Town results back, I won FIFTY bucks and the Wife won Ten. So 60 Bucks so far.

We won’t talk about week 2.

Well, overall I went 10-6, DJ and Dan went 9-7

Overall Standings

David: 21-11
DJ: 19-13
Dan: 18-14

THU, SEP 20     

NY Giants at Carolina 
Dan: Carolina
David: Carolina
DJ: Carolina
David:Ok, apparently Tampa Bay is better than I thought. I would like to remind you that only ONE member of the panel picked the Panthers last week. The same guy who watched the game in a Jake Delhome Jersey. As for this game, I don’t think the running game is going to be a factor, I think the Giants front 7 can slow or even stop the 2 headed monster, and the Giants couldn’t run on ULM. So this game comes down to Cam Newton vs Eli Manning. If this was the playoffs? Eli wins. The fact that this is on the road means there is a good chance Eli has a very good game. I just think that Cam got on track last week, and breaks enough runs to keep enough drives alive to win the game.

SUN, SEP 23     
St. Louis at Chicago     

Dan: Chicago
David: Chicago
DJ: Chicago

Dan: I can completely see a bounce-back week for the Bears after their offense just couldn’t get going against the Packers last week on national television. I don’t have much confidence in St. Louis and I don’t think they can pull another upset like they did last week. Jay Cutler will actually be on the same page as Brandon Marshall and both players will have another stand-out performance like in Week 1.

Buffalo at Cleveland     

Dan: Buffalo

DJ: Buffalo, almost went with the Browns.

Dan: Why would I select Cleveland? I don’t think they’re a good team at all and I don’t think that the Browns are going to be getting a win any time soon. I think Buffalo is going to take the victory with ease this week. I’m extremely impressed with how C.J. Spiller has been running the ball.

Tampa Bay at Dallas     

Dan: Dallas

David: Dallas

DJ: Dallas
David:I hate this game. I don’t trust the Cowboys, and I’m still not sold on the Bucs. I think I can trust the Cowboys defense more than anything the Bucs can do. I know I don’t get much with Romo, but do I really get anything great with Josh Freeman? I know the Bucs can run, but the Cowboys are going to kill the passing game. I’ll admit it, this is a toss-up for no reason at all. The Cowboys have vastly more talent, and raped the Bucs in the draft. I’m taking the home team.NY Jets at Miami     

Dan: Jets

DJ: J-E-T-S, J-E-T-S, J-E-T-S
David:I thought the Fins would be good this year, I really did. The defense played well, Sherman is a pretty good coach, and Matt Moore is a decent QB. The Jets had Te-Bow, no running backs I care about, a declining defense. Whoops. The Jets D looks pretty good, the Fins D looks crummy and Tanny looks lost. I’ll take the Jets to win this one fairly quickly.San Francisco at Minnesota

Dan: SF

Dan: There is no way that I can see Minnesota winning this game. San Francisco has looked too good in the first two weeks and how they controlled Matthew Stafford in the first half leaves me with absolutely zero confidence for the Vikings. San Francisco has shown they have a good offense and their defense is just as good. To me, they’re, hands down, the team to beat in the NFC and in their third consecutive NFC North team they’re facing, they’ll get another victory.

Kansas City at New Orleans 

Dan: NO

David:And I thought my Dolphins picks were bad. KC has fallen apart on both sides of the ball. New Orleans needs to come together and fast, the Panthers and Bucs are improving fast, and the Falcons look DAYUM good (as I predicted). I don’t think the front 7 of the Chiefs get to Brees and unless Dwayne Bowe has a monster game, this thing ends ugly.Cincinnati at Washington

Dan: Washington

Dan: I have little confidence in either team, like with how Cincinnati struggled with the Browns last week and how Washington lost to the Rams. I think that Robert Griffin III rebounds nicely this week and is able to beat Cincinnati, especially since they’re at home. One concern is that Brian Orakpo is lost for the entire season and they won’t have the same pass rush as they used to have. It’s going to be a challenge, but I think the Redskins will pull this one out.

Detroit at Tennessee     

Dan: Detroit

DJ: Detroit
David:I like the Lions defense. They have come together and look like they could challenge the Packers. The offense needs some balance. Tennessee still needs something, maybe a high prices running back that does something to earn his check? Even if CJ2.0 does show up, the Lions can shut him down, and Kenny Britt hasn’t done anything this year.
Jacksonville at Indianapolis 

Dan: Indy

David: Indy
DJ: Indy
David:Jacksonville has a solid defense, and an all-pro running back, and not much else. Indy has aging vets that are still very good. Add Luck and hope. I do think the home crowd carries them to the win.
Philadelphia at Arizona 

Dan: Philly

David: Arizona
DJ: Philly
DJ:Kevin Kolb faces his old team and this should be more interesting after Zona’s shocking win over the Pats. But, I think the birds come crashing back down to earth this week. The Eagles pass defense picked off Brandon Weeden 4 times and limited him to 12 completions in 35 passes. They also limited Joe Flacco to a 52% completion rate. Kevin Kolb might be a more experienced QB than Weeden, but I think Philly’s pass rush is going to feast on Arizona’s offensive line and force Kolb into a couple bad decisions. The Eagles win on the road, 23-17.
David: Really? Kolb? I still like Skeletor better, but Micheal Pick is not going to torch the Zona defense that just made the Pats look bad. Add the cross country trip, and Andy Reid’s inability to figure out the running game, and I’ll take the Redbirds.
Atlanta at San Diego

Dan: Atlanta

DJ: The Falcons had a huge home win against Denver on Monday, but it’s a short week for them and they travel out west. The Chargers have looked good in their first 2 games, but this will be their biggest test and I expect them to pass with flying colors. Their run defense has looked really good. Before the season, I thought losing Vincent Jackson would hurt them, but Malcolm Floyd has played well his first 2 games with 10 catches and a 17.5ypc average.  And Ronnie Brown may not be the runner he used to be, but he has been a capable receiver out of the backfield. He is 2nd on the team with 9 catches. On Tuesday, Michael Turner got busted on a DUI and that may certainly mess with his head. That’s certainly not good.
SD wins, 24-17.David: Sorry, I’m not jumping off the Falcons bandwagon, since I got there early and got a good seat. The Chargers looked like crud against the Raiders and the home crowd advantage isn’t really a factor. The Turner situation bothers me, but not like the Falcons don’t have running backs that can handle the load for a game or two.
Houston at Denver

Dan: Houston
DJ: Denver

DJ: At home, I just like the Broncos. They had problems playing in A-Town with the noise in the dome, but the Texans aren’t battle tested this year. They have 2 blowout losses against unimpressive teams. The Texans are averaging just 7.0ypa passing the ball and 3.6 yards per carry on the ground against Miami and Jacksonville. I expect Denver to shut down the running game Matt Schaub hasn’t looked that impressive to me and he’s going to be facing a tougher pass defense this week. Denver has 6 sacks in 2 games and I think they apply a lot of pressure on Matty. Denver wins, 23-14.
David: Did you SEE Manning last week? He didn’t look the same as he did against Pitt. Denver has good pass defense, true, but so do the Texans. They need to get into a high gear, and I look to see a lot of draw plays to keep the pressure off Schaub.Pittsburgh at Oakland     

Dan: Pittsburgh

David: Pittsburgh
DJ: Pittsburgh
DJ: The Raiders are played a horrible game against Miami after playing a good defensive game against SD.  The game is at home, but the Steelers run and pass defense is just too much for Oakland to overcome. I don’t see them winning 6-3 or 9-6 in a field goal fest because of the defense. That’s the only way they could win and I certainly don’t see them beating Pitt in a shootout.

They can’t score enough points. Carson Palmer has thrown just 1 INT in the first 2 games, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he throws a couple on Sunday. Especially, if he is throwing 40-plus times again. Steelers win, 21-10.

New England at Baltimore Dan: New England

DJ: NE, I wanted to pick Baltimore, but no way Tom and Bill let them lose 2 straight.

Dan: Two straight losses against team that New England should beat isn’t happening for Tom Brady & co. This team is just too good and that offense is scary. Baltimore lost a close game to the Eagles last week and I don’t think that the Ravens are good enough to shut down Tom Brady. Brady is going to throw all over this defense, despite Baltimore having Ed Reed as safety.

MON, SEP 24 
Green Bay at Seattle
Dan: Green Bay
Dan: This is an absolute no-brainer to me. The Packers are a great team and they showed it last week as they shut down the Bears. The Seahawks aren’t that good, but the only advantage they have is their stadium and the 12th man. Other than that, Aaron Rodgers will be able to throw where he wants and this offense will just cruise. Plus, the defense showed some strides last weekend for improvement, especially with Clay Matthews back to his sacking-the-QB self, this team is dangerous.
David: Kidding, I’m taking GB

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