NFL Roundtable — September 15th, 2012

Welcome to the second week of the NFL Roundtable. Yes, this week is a little later than what I was hoping for, but being a college student, you’re schedule isn’t always as open as you’d like it to be sometimes. Or maybe that’s a good thing. Anyway, we’ve lost a member, David Snipes, this week, so it’s just me, Archie and Darren filling in our thoughts. Let’s get to it!

Who is your Week 1 MVP?

Archie Williams:  Week #1 MVP. Peyton Manning. The Broncos really took a chance with Peyton not knowing if his aging body would recover to form. He proved to everyone that he was back and the mastery he displayed against the Steelers last week was artful.

Darren Jacks: RGIII is my week 1 MVP. Kid came out against a solid defense and looked like a 10 year veteran playing QB, not a rookie in his first regular season game. He completed 19 of 26 passes for 320 yards, 2 TD’s and a 139.9 Passer Rating. Not to mention, 9 carries for 42 yards. He had an INCREDIBLE performance!!!! There is no other choice.

Dan Vachalek: I’m going to agree with Darren and select RGIII has my Week 1 MVP. He had an incredible game against a good team and was able to beat the Saints in a game that people were imagining would be a blowout in favor of the Saints. This wasn’t just any Week 1 game, though, this was Week 1 of his NFL career. It was big and he dominated it. Definitely has to be the MVP. 


What is more scary: Pittsburgh D, New Orleans’ D or Michael Vick?

Archie Williams: More Scary, I will give Pittsburgh a small break here since two starters
on D, James Harrison and again Ryan Clark, were not there. The Saints with all their off field legal issues explains some of their woes. But, there was no excuse for Vick. As Sir Charles would say, “He was just Turr-a-ble.

Darren Jacks: Really don’t like any of the 3, but if you put a gun to my head….I’d have to go with the Saints defense. Vick was throwing 56 times and that was about 26 too many. But, that’s on the HC since we all know Vick isn’t a prototypical QB. Not sure what Andy Reid was thinking. I wasn’t watching the game and when I saw his stats flash up on the screen, so I assumed LeSean McCoy had gotten injured. Why else would they throw 56 times? The Steelers just had a rough opening weekend game against a pretty good team. Without one of their best players in James Harrison. He might have had something to do with their defense playing better. Ryan Clark also missed the game. That’s 2 key players to that defense that make a huge difference. 

Dan Vachalek: I have to select Michael Vick. Pittsburgh was having a couple of injuries to their defense including James Harrison and Ryan Clark so I can’t be scared about their performance. The Saints I was expecting to not have as good of a defense with all their problems they’ve been having with their bounty scandal, so I can’t select that option either. The only option left is Michael Vick and that’s what I’m going to select. He wasn’t hurt in the game and there wasn’t really a reason for him to be throwing four interceptions to the Browns. He was just off of his game and the really scary part was that they kept throwing the football. If Vick was really that bad, just stop throwing it!


Did the 49ers convince you that last year wasn’t a fluke? 

Archie Williams:  I Called the Niners to win on FN. Had a whole debate about it and now
have some cheese curds being shipped to me as my trophy. There is no way they were a fluke last year and no way they are this season.

Darren Jacks: Yes. They added some nice players in Randy Moss and Mario Manningham.  Both these players will make it so Smith doesn’t have to try and do too much. They will enhance their passing game and give them a stronger ability to put points on the scoreboard. The defense is still very good and should be even better if the offense can have more time consuming drives.

Dan Vachalek: Honestly, it was only Week 1 so they haven’t totally convinced me yet, but for the most part, I’m sure that this team is going to be really good and a team to watch out for. Their biggest test, to me at least, is their match-up against Detroit. If they can win for a second week in a row against another top-notch offense in the NFL, they’re going to be the team to beat in the NFC.

Could the Browns win the Pac-10? 

Archie Williams: Yes, the Browns could win the PAC 10. I know what you guys are getting at but they do have enough skills to beat college teams. (It would be a close game though!)

Darren Jacks: Of course they would. I love it when these types of questions are asked because the gap between the NCAA and NFL is huge. They are a bad offensive team in the NFL, but they would destroy the Pac-12 teams and win it easily. The gap is just too wide for a college team to be able to compete with an NFL team.

Dan Vachalek: I think that the Browns could win the Pac-10. While the Browns are going to end up being one of the worst teams in the NFL, they still have a lot more talent than any Pac-10 team, in my opinion. I think that the Oregon Ducks would give them a run for their money, but I can’t see a college team beating an NFL team.

Who will be the first coach fired?

Archie Williams: If the Bungals stink in week 2 as they did in week 1, you can look for
Marvin Lewis to tell his family they better learn to like bologna because they will soon be eating plenty of it. I think this is the ONLY must win game left for this weekend as far as a Coach’s job being on the line. Bengals must beat the Browns.

Darren Jacks: This comes down to 1 of 3 coaches: Norv Turner, Chan Gailey and Ken Whisenhunt. I think Gailey will be the FIRST to be fired, but it’s possible all 3 end up the year in the unemployment line. Gailey needs to get the Bills in their first postseason since 2004 and I just don’t see it happening. The New York Jets are no offensive juggernaut and they destroyed Buffalo’s defense. They have Kansas City and Cleveland coming up, but I see them being 3-7 after a loss to New England on November 11th. I think he’ll be the first coach to get fired.

Dan Vachalek: I honestly think that Andy Reid, if he doesn’t start performing soon, will be the first coach fired. The kind of performance the Eagles put up against Cleveland last week was embarrassing and it doesn’t help that the play-calling seems to be horrifying. I mean, passing 56 times when Michael Vick was already struggling? Run the damn ball, please! If the Eagles struggle again this week and Vick has another poor performance yet the Eagles continue passing like something you’d see in Madden, Reid needs to make sure the Eagles turn this season around starting now.

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  1. Good stuff guys. I think Andy deserves to get canned. Sometimes it’s not the message that turns guys off, but the messenger. Andy has been there way too long and it’s been too long since he really took them anywhere.

    Fire Chan Gailey too. As a Jets fan, I was happy last week, but Buffalo came into the season with too much hype to play that poorly. Also fire the GM that gave Fitzpatrick that contract. Jeez.

  2. It is hard as hell to justify firing a head coach who is 2-0, and one of the wins against Baltimore….AIN’T HAPPENING!

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