So, you say you like horror movies….

Scary movies have been an interest of mine as long as I can remember. What is it about horror movies that interests us horror fans?

Is it the adrenaline rush that we experience as we anticipate something bad happening? Or is it being a thrill seeker, kind of like riding a roller coaster and not knowing what will happen next?

I think its different for every person. I really enjoy a good horror movie like Jaws and The Exorcist, those are classics. But, I also enjoy B-horror movies, the kind that are shown on Sy Fy and The Chiller channel. The blood is so fake it’s very noticeable and some of the computer graphics are just really bad. I saw one a few months ago about an abominable snowman. Shot in a nice location and it looked promising, but the beast was an obvious Halloween mask. Let me tell you it was laughs galore.

Recently, I had my 13 year old son for the weekend and we watched a couple movies that are the very definition of cheesey horror movies in Sand Sharks and 2 Headed Shark Attack..

In Sand Sharks, Corin Nemec (Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Stargate 1, The Stand, Bundy: An American Icon) plays the main part as Jimmy Green, an aging party boy and son of the local mayor, and Brooke Hogan (daughter of WWF/WWE icon Hulk Hogan) also is featured in as a doctor (it’s a stretch, I know). It’s basically about sharks that swim around in the sand and eat a lot of people. Basically any reason to show a lot of scantily clad semi attractive women in a bikini. But, it’s a perfect reason why I like these cheesey horror flicks. It’s like Jerry Springer, it’s so bad you can’t help but watch. I got a few laughs out of this movie and that was the intent. It wasn’t intended to be scary, but a spoof or a campy version of a horror movie and it was alright.

2 Headed Shark Attack was very similar. Carmen Electra (Scary Movie and SM 4, Starsky and Hutch, Baywatch) is 40, but she’s still getting work and you have to wonder when we will hear that she is homeless and pushing a shopping cart full of junk down Hollywood Blvd. She used to be attractive, but she is starting to look like she has lived a very hard life. In this movie, she plays the wife of Professor Babish (Charlie O’Connell) and it’s about a group of people stranded on an atoll (coral island) that starts flooding. Which basically means dinner time for the 2 headed shark. I enjoyed this a little more than Sand Sharks because the shark at times looked pretty realistic from a distance, but up close it looked fake as Hell. But, it provided some laughs and was entertaining.

Neither movie is that scary, but watching it with young kids might not be a great idea. My son is 13 and we enjoyed them. A young child might be scared, but I guess it depends on your parenting philosophy as to how young is too young. I would say no younger than 10 or 11. I DVR’ed both of them because I was watching NCAA football on Saturday.

If this does well, I will do a blog every few weeks or so.

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  1. Repo the Genetic Opera (the musical one with Paris Hilton) is one of my favorite bad movies. I DVRed it when it was on demand on FEARnet, and while I always look at deleting it when I need some space, I haven’t been able to bring myself to get rid of it yet.

    It got a lot of bad press because of Hilton’s (very minor) involvement, but it’s actually pretty good. It’s directed by the guy who did a bunch of the Saw movies (he put several scenes in Saw IV just so he could reuse the sets and props on Repo), it’s got plenty of fake blood and guts, not so much on the bikinis front, though.

    Imagine Rocky Horror meets Blade Runner, but forget that because it’s not quite as good as either.

  2. I love cheesy horror flicks. Good for laughs and they also help you appreciate the classics. It shows how hard it is to make a truly scary movie.

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