Ryan Braun is the real deal.


Has the 2011 NL MVP done enough to convince everyone of his innocence or has he confirmed his guilt of using PEDs but slid on a technicality?

In my opinion, Ryan’s numbers last year were not overly extravagant compared to what he has been doing since reaching the majors. Although he had great numbers last year, and although he was awarded the NL MVP, his stats were not much better than his rookie year.  

He came out and adamantly denied using any PEDs.  Braun fought for his reputation and when you look at his overall career numbers I am inclined to believe him. I do however think that something is flawed in the overall system.

So it bears the question, exactly what did happen with Ryan’s test last year? Did he in fact test positive but got off on a technicality? Or did someone actually tamper with his sample? Or, was there a very unfortunate mistake or error made and his sample or the results of anothers test was switched at the lab for whatever reason?

From ESPN news sources, “MLB officials argued that there was no question about the chain of custody or the integrity of the sample, and that Braun’s representatives did not argue that the test itself was faulty.

MLB tried to make a big deal out of Braun’s defense because his representation never once reputed the test results themselves. Instead, Braun won his case by arguing Protocol had not been followed in the handling of the sample and the chain of custody and collection procedure was flawed. This directly conflicts the statement that MLB made on the case. So when an independent arbitrator ruled in favor of Braun exactly what part of, “there was no question about the chain of custody or the integrity of the sample…” was MLB representatives unable to prove?

We know that PEDs are still an issue in Baseball and not just at the Major League level. There are currently five players serving suspensions for failing test. They are Guillermo Mota, pitcher, SF Giants; Freddy Galvis, utility player for Philadelphia, Marlon Byrd, Free Agent Outfielder, Melky Cabrera, outfielder for the Giants and Bartolo Colon, pitcher for  Oakland. While I have not researched to find out if any of these players challenged their test, as of today, I do know that three of them have apologized for using something they knew was banned.

 So unless Ryan is completely stupid, and I don’t think so, he is undoubtedly proven to everyone that he is legit. His numbers are only slightly off from that of last year but one big key is that Prince Fielder is not in the lineup to protect him now. But he is still putting up MVP like stats that any Major League player would be proud to own.

163 Hits; 93 runs; 38 home runs (leads MLB); 100 RBIs (fifth year in a row with 100+); 23 SB; 310 BA; .593 slg; .978 OPS (leads MLB); OPS+ 157; 312 total bases (leads MLB) and there is still approximately 20 games left in the season.


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  1. Great post, Archie. I am a Braun fan, and proudly display his jersey on my wall. I think by his numbers this season, he made MLB look like fools. He won’t get it, but I think he is deserving of the MVP again this season.

  2. I am a baseball lover first over being a Braves homer, and Braun seems to always kill Braves pitching. But when you look at his entire career stats, he kills everyones pitching.

    Good luck to your team for the rest of the season.

  3. I am a huge Braves’ fan, but like you, I am a fan of the game. I do not think that Braun cheated, and if there was something that was in his system. I don’t think he had any idea it was there.

  4. I honestly think that the system, including Chain of Custody, was seriously flawed.

    A person does not have to prove innocence or guilt if proper procedure is not met.

    Miranda Law sets precedence for these type cases.

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