Season Preview: New York Jets


Last season overview

The Jets were a fun team. They have a QB that was drafted high, has good stats and has been given a team he lead to the AFC Title Game- TWICE. They have a coach everyone loves.
They drop to 8-8, Sanchez has been talked of losing his job to a guy that NO ONE wants throwing a 15 yard outroute to win the game. They lost thier last 3 games, and talk is Ryan might be gone after this year.

I still love LeRon Landry, and so will the Jets fans if he can stay upright. Landry solves problems if he’s there. Bottom line. Tebow is the lovable add, but if Landry plays 16, he might be the bigger change. Tebow, if used correctly, could be worth 2-3 wins, and in the NFL, thats a bye in the playoffs. The Jets lost LDT, but he might be addition by distraction, and Plexico is in the same boat. The Jets stayed out of the market, and looked to add through the draft.

Up to here.

I am NOT a fan. I’ve seen all 3 of the top picks, and none really impressed me. Couples is frustrating to NO END, he’s the gridiron version of Harrison Barnes to me. If he wants to, he can be a MONSTER. If he don’t then I think I can block him with my creaky knees. If he comes in and wants to be a star- he will be. We could very well be looking at this draft in 10 years and wonder how in the heck he slipped that far and comparing his draft to Warren Sapp’s. Stephen Hill is a two-route guy, and unless Norv really gets into his head, he’s not going to be great- but at worst, he can be Randy Moss without the jumper. I really don’t know Davis, but he’s the smallest OLB on the team, a team that was 13th in the NFL in rushing defense. FS Josh Bush can be a decent special team player, one of those low talent, high willpower guys that always have a spot on the roster after the first 40 are filled.

I like Tony. He got a RAW deal in Miami, but didn’t really do much to save his job. I think he can make a wildcats that makes 3 people happy, Ryan, Sanchez and Tebow. If the Jets can’t get a running game going, then it won’t matter WHO is under center. 105YPG isn’t going to do it here people. The problem here is who is the back that scares you on 3rd and 1? Oh, Tebow. Shonn Greene is good, but he’s not going to get 9 men in the box. The Jets should have dropped a 2nd rounder on a back, or even traded for someone. I firmly believe that you don’t need a monster 2K-level back to win, but you have to have someone that can rumble. They can’t drop a 4th rounder for Felix Jones?

5th ranked, but for all of you who love that stat, they gave up 22.7PPG. Thats bad for a player in the NBA, but in the NFL- thats LOUSY. Especially when you score 23.6PPG
They only had 2 losses where they gave up less than 29 points. A total they only topped offensively 3 times themselves all season! The defense has to stop them from scoring. Bottom line. LaRon Landry should help, if he can play all 16, and if they can get Revis island back to where it was- Landry on the other side could make it difficult to pass the ball on them. They need to bring Jim Leonhard back, with Landry a question mark as well- they could combo as a good safety.

I’m the Number 1 QB around here.

3 games to watch

Week 2 @Pit
First Road game, a playoff team, and a team that is going to go after Sanchez and is not going to be worn out by 20 runs of Tebow. They are going to bust them up inside, and if the Jets can’t get a running game, they are going to have MAJOR issues looking at each other the week in practice. If they lose 34-10 then . . .

Week 3 @Miami
. . . They have problems, Miami is good against the run, but the offense isn’t as good. If they lose here, that could be 1-2 or 0-3, with a possible 0-2 in the division with 2 Pats games coming up. It could be bad with SF and Houston coming up, 0-5 would be death, and if Luck wins with Indy- could 0-8 be the record before the bye? No, but is it out of the realm of possibility? No.

Week 12 NE
Ok, so we hit the bye in week9, Seattle then the Rams, so the Jets (if you think are good) should win both, and the Pats come home. The Jets only have 4 days to get ready, and if the Pats blow them out the water, then Ryan might be gone- if they play close- a closing kick with Zona/Jags/Tenn could set them up nicely before the Chargers in  wildcard knockout and the Bills finish it out. If they beat the Pats, with a short week, they could run the table or go 7-1 to fight for a bye.

Just look like this, except for 4-5 plays a game, ok?

Wins: Indy, Miami, @STL
Possibles: Buf, @Sea, ARi,@Jax, @Ten, @Buf
Tossups: NE,SF,SD

My Prediction
I’m a believer in momentum, and I like Ryan. Soprano is a good coach, if he has players. If Couples can go, and Sanchez is happy watching Tebow 10 plays a game, then they can go 10-6/11-5 if not, then it goes downill FAST, an easy closing kick should be 2-3 games to make a case to come back.


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