Obama vs Romney: Dinner Plans

Good Morning America had a new poll out this morning favoring Obama post-convention.

Oddly enough, the main focus was not the economy, the war in Iraq, or even the NFL season.

“Who would you most want to have dinner with”


That’s who we need to vote for? Who we want to meet at applebees?


Let’s go over every President in my lifetime, and rank them by how much I want to have a porterhouse dinner and split the yeast rolls.

Nixon– Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. I think Kissinger would be more fun, unless we talked China.

Ford– Does anything interesting come from UM? I’d like to talk old-school football, but other than that? Chevy Chase stories?

Carter– Wonderful human being, but what are we going to talk about? Asshole brothers? Growing up in the south? There’s a chance I’m gonna fake a phone call emergency before I’m done with the fried Mushrooms.
But, his humanitarian work and his world travels, would make interesting conversations. I have no idea how much of a history buff he his, but unless he brought out the picture book of sad-people, I bet it would be a fun evening.

Reagan– I love old movies, and I would love to hear story after story about Bettie Davis and Jean Harlow, and of course, the famed Hollywood Orgies- of course, I’d be killed before desert, but I’d love to just sit and listen to Ron talk John Wayne for a few years.

Bush I – Other than WW2 stories, I bet he’s fairly dull, and since most of his CIA stuff is classified, I bet I’d be pretty bored.

Clinton– ok, forget Outback, Bill and I are going clubbing! Clooney couldn’t be a better guy to wingman for! Of course, Bill doesn’t have the best taste in women, but even in Arkansas, we gotta find some goodies, right?
But for dinner? Guy is probably eating everything on the plate, hitting on the waitress, complaining about new Jazz and worse- it would be at a McDonald’s! But I bet it would be a fun night, Clinton has that touch of fun that any good dinner would have.

Bush II– Not a baseball fan, and don’t really see anything interesting to talk about.

Obama– Oh we could talk Ball for hours, and since he’s a UNC fan, I bet we become fast friends and I get into his fantasy league next year. He’s have the Secret Service come get me so I don’t miss the draft and BBQ, since being from swing-state/pork heaven NC, I’d have to cook in between picks.

Who you sitting with?

So in order, I’d take Reagan, Barry, then Clinton to Dinner, maybe Carter, pass on Bush I, Nixon, Ford, and Bush I would be the last one to take.

Now? Let’s Rank them by how they did.

Nixon– take away the Watergate witch-hunt, we can talk about that, and Nixon did one heckuva job. Opened China, Ended Vietnam, improved the “great society” and something people forget, gave 18-20 year olds the right to VOTE- that’s right, if you can carry a gun, you should be able to decide who send you to war. Nixon is a VERY underrated president.

Ford– had it killed by Watergate and bad mismanagement of the economy. I cannot think of one major accomplishment.

Carter– gets a bad rap for the 444 days, but the rescue senario was just a dumb idea. Thankfully Obama didn’t repeat this with Bin-Ladin. The best thing about the Carter administration is it gave him the power and clout to do the humanitarian work he loves.

Reagan– We can talk about the hostage release, but Reagan gave us a good bit of pride in country, stared down and beat the Soviets at their weakest- economically, and left this country far stronger than when he found it. I find Reagan to be one of our best peacetime presidents.

Bush I- As much as Reagan was great, he had  a weapon Bush didn’t Reagan could go on TV and almost force a bitter Congress to pass things they didn’t want too. (Look at the Tax increases RR passed sometime- Bush’s whole “No New Taxes” pledge was forced on him because of Reagan) He did continue many policies, but simply could not control/maintain the mega-Cabinet that Reagan had.

Clinton– I’m not a fan of Clinton, but he was a democratic Clone of Reagan, and did some good things- problem is, he did too many things he was told to do by his Cabinet/Advisers (Serbia), I really don’t ding him for the whole Sex Scandal business- but the hypocrisy of the media was blatant. Looking back, Clinton was an above average president, but only due to the failure to implement Hillarycare to seriously hurt the country.

Bush II– I’ve called Bush II the Republican Carter. Heart of Gold, but is only as good as his Cabinet, and like Carter, a very mixed bag. Had Bush been a one-termer, turned the office over and retired, he could have been a very good president. Problem was, he stayed too long and Chaney gained way too much power and stunted Rice and many other people. Katrina was his time to shine, and he failed miserably. Bottom line, when Blanco showed she was incompetent and lost, he should have shoved her out of the way and did it himself- or better yet, but Rice in charge, whom even Newsweek had to salute. Something akin to Bill Mahar saying something nice about Chaney.

Obama– Let me put it plainly. The system of government we had is designed for public debate, and Obamacare ignored that. He had total control of the government with a worshiping media and Congress, and said- pass this and the employment rate will never do this, the inflation rate will never do that, etc- and was wrong on everything. Gas was 1.81 when he went into office. I’d vote Carter back in for 2 dollar gas. Blame Bush all you want, but when given carte-blance more than any president in HISTORY, you should be able to hit your OWN targets.

So we go what? Reagan, Nixon, Clinton, Bush I as above average, Ford, Bush II, Carter, and finally Obama.

See the difference?

Dinner companionship has NO bearing on who I want leading this country.

Was Lincoln interesting? Hen-pecked and boring to a fault.
Washington held grudges and was a dry as the Sahara.
US Grant was a fun-loving guy that loved to have a drink with the boys- who robbed the country blind.

More fun to have around- Kevin Smith, Flavor Flav and Stephen A Smith or 3 guys in accounting that put on their ties the second they finish brushing their teeth?

Waiting on the Party Bus

This brings me to Mitt Romney.

Do I want to have dinner with him?

Not yet- have no idea what we would talk about.

I want him to have dinner with CHINA. JAPAN. The EU. India, etc. Have dinner with the Joint Staffs, the heads of GM and GE and get them to hire US.

Have dinner with the Supreme Court and see if its legal to raise tariffs to the point where Nike has to open plants HERE.

I don’t WANT dinner with the president, either Barry or Mitt.

I want him FIXING SHIT so I can have Dinner with my FAMILY instead of at a second JOB.

Wake up America. Stop giving a DAMN about who you want to have dinner with, and UNIMPORTANT SHIT.

Let’s see- I can have no gay marriage, and 4.00 gas or two guys I don’t know can get married in Vermont and I get 3.50 gas.

Where do I send flowers?

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  1. It is rediculous the way the media tries to play out the “good” side to Obama. Is he a nice guy? Absolutely he is, but they need to be taking a long hard look at his Presidency.

  2. I’ll avoid the political aspect but if I had my choice I would hang out with Clinton first. Then Barack. Clinton is the man! Big Macs and fat chicks.

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