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1 The Giants
Almost by default. The least flawed team in the division, even though I still think they are as weak as last year- WHEN THEY WON IT ALL.

2. Eagles

Vick’s already hurt, the defense still isn’t there, and I wonder if Reid is going to hold onto his job.


I know I know, DJ probably wins this by putting the Boys first and saying they go 19-0, but hear me out.

The NFCE play the two toughest divisions in football this year, that means there is going to be a lot of TIGHT games, this Cowboy team does not play well when its tight. While they may have the talent to win the division, they don’t have the experience of the G-men or the grind it down backs of the Iggles

4. Redskins

What do you mean there’s no more Khardashians?

Gonna be better, but again, they are not exactly playing the WAC and Big East here.



The Eagles went out and upgraded their biggest weakness at LB by trading for DeMeco Ryans from the Houston Texans. They also drafted Fletcher Cox who could start since Mike Patterson is slowing down.


Dallas made a nice draft day trade to move up from the 14th pick to 6th. Morris Claiborne was an excellent pickup and he will transition to the NFL very easily and be a good fit in Rob Ryan’s defense. The Cowboys were 11th in sacks last year, so the secondary has some help.

Kyle Orton is a better backup QB than Jon Kitna or Stephen McGee. He provides insurance in case Tony Romo gets hurt.

3-NY Giants.

The Giants lost some key players in WR Mario Manningham and RB Brandon Jacobs, among others. I don’t see them having success after winning another Super Bowl. They fell off the season after winning their last SB.


The Redskins had a good defense last year and upgraded at QB with RG3, but that isn’t saying much really when they had Rex Grossman and John Beck last season.


I love how backup QB pertains to your taking the Cowboys, almost like Romo getting hurt would be a good thing.

Who’s the best QB in the divison, its not the FG holder, its not the double hundred million dollar man, or the rookie.

Its the dude with TWO rings, who hasn’t missed a game in quite a while.

Let’s also keep in mind the last time the Giants stunck it up, caught fire and beat the Pats in the Superbowl, they kicked rear, blew out the NFC East-

And flamed out in the playoffs.

Andy has MAJOR issuesw in the offseason, he’s been there since before Vick was watching Scooby-Doo, and I still have Major Issues with the defensive scheme.

Plus Vinny Young is gone- so there went the Dream Team.

The 2008 Giants went 12-4, hardly “They fell off the season after winning their last SB.”


No Matter what the stats say,
Tony is no Troy

You might want to read my opening argument again. That was just 1 of the points I made. But now that you mention it…you need 2 QB’s in the NFL.

Just look at the Chicago Bears from last season. They started 7-3, but lost 4 straight when Jay Cutler went down with an injury. Sure, Matt Forte got hurt also, but Caleb Hanie was awful last season. He was so bad I have to show you some numbers:

In 4 starts, he completed 51 of 102 passes (50%) for 153.3ypg, 3 TD’s and 9 INT’s and a .

They averaged just 11.8ppg when he started at QB because he had a tendency to turn the ball over. That’s why it is important to have a reliable backup. He’s really a 3rd string QB on a good NFL team.

The Cowboys defense will be a lot better this season in Ryan’s 2nd season in Big D. That’s the main reason I like them to be the 2nd place team in the East. They signed CB Brandon Carr away from Kansas City and he is going to start opposite of Claiborne. These 2 are a lot better than what the Cowboys had last season at CB.

Combine that with a pass rush that was tied for 7th in sacks (42) and they are going to be a lot better defensively.


Name me the last SuperBowl champion that rotated QB’s or even split major time during a game and was successful.

Other than the Jets, and maybe the Raiders, no team in the NFL is excited to see the backup jogging on the field when the starter is still 100%

I don’t think the Packers, Pats, Saints, Panthers, Steelers or Ravens even care who the backup QB is.

I do agree the Cowboys D is going to be better, the fact the Cowboys STOLE Clairborne still ticks me off.
My problem is the offense. If not for the Saints, the Cowboys had a terrible offseason-scandal wize. Heck Dez Bryant has to have a SECURITY force to keep him from going Rampage Jackson in Dallas!
The Giants had the smoothest offseason, and a solid QB, and simply should take the divison with that stability.

I think the Eagles have the best talent in the division, something the new HC will take full advantage of. Sorry Cowboys- get some control, get a Line, and Romo has to step up.

You can give me every Romo stat you want, but I’m not scared of him like I was Aikman- or even Eli


You can do it Tony!

When did I say they should rotate QB’s? No, Davey Crockett. I didn’t. It’s called having a backup plan because QB’s take a lot of punishment.

The offense was 15th in scoring offense and the only major losses were WR Laurent Robinson and backup TE Martellus Bennett. The loss of Robinson doesn’t hurt much in my opinion. Dez Bryant gets the opportunity to start and he’s a better player long term anyway. Miles Austin and Bryant weren’t in shape last year due to the lockout. Think that happens again? No way, I think they both have excellent seasons.

Maybe having DeMarco Murray all season means more handing off and less throwing. Murray is capable of being a workhorse at RB. He averaged 5.5ypc and had 3 games of over 100 yards running the ball. If he develops as receiver out of the backfield, he could be scary good

If they take a minor hit on offense that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing because they upgraded the defense. They lost a few games last year because of the defense, not the offense.
They lost 2 games to the Giants when they allowed over 30 points both times and 34 points to the Lions.

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