NFL Roundtable — September 6th, 2012

Hello, I’m Dan Vachalek and I’m bringing back the NFL Roundtable that was previously on InformativeSports and didn’t continue when moved to SportsNickel. Along with me this week is Darren Jacks, David Snipes and Archie Williams.


1.   What’s more important to the Colts, Luck having Peyton-ish numbers or having Cam-ish impact? Please choose one.

Darren Jacks: I don’t think he’s having anything close to Manning’s numbers so I have to go with a Cam-ish impact. He needs to take control of the team and make it his. Show he’s in it for the long haul and put his stamp on the team.


David Snipes: I think the Colts would rather have a Peyton-ish year, get Luck’s head beat in, get comfortable in the pocket, learn to shrug off picks, etc. 3-13 still gives the Colts a top 5 pick, and like Manning, Luck needs a top tier Back to play with.


Archie Williams: Peyton’s first year was NOT stellar. He went thru a lot of growing pains but he did learn from those as was indicated by the rest of his career in Indy.  Cam’s first year stats were slightly better but the impact thru the league was felt by every team, even those he did not play. Every team took notice to his skills and the adjustments that were made on defense to combat those skills. Luck does NOT have all the skills of a Cam Newton. He is more of the Pro-Typical QB therefore I feel it is more important that he manage the game with Peyton-ish  numbers.


Dan Vachalek: I think that it’s more important to the Colts that Andrew Luck has Peyton-ish numbers. If you look at Peyton’s first year, it wasn’t like the rest of his career was. I think that if he had those numbers, the Colts would still be better off than they were last season. Plus, I don’t think that Andrew Luck can run like Cam Newton so that’s already out, in my opinion.

2.   Gun to your head: What’s your Super Bowl prediction?

Darren Jacks: The Packers vs the Broncos. Yeah, I won’t hear the end of it being a Raiders fan, but I really like Peyton Manning to Broncos. Denver made it to the 2nd round of the AFC playoffs last year with Tim Tebow. You subtract Tebow and add Manning, and I think Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker will really benefit from Manning’s accuracy. Thomas is a very good deep threat and Decker is a red zone target with his size. He reminds me a little of Ed McCaffrey. Manning makes that duo a lot better. Not to mention he is a better leader and a far better player than Tebow. Green Bay improved their defense and I think they are just too good not to make it to the Super Bowl. The NFC just isn’t that good this year. And I am not sold on the 49ers. They improved their team offensively, but don’t think they will win the NFC title game if they play against the Packers.


David Snipes: Packers vs Patriots. Just don’t see who beats them, but then again, said the same thing last year.


Archie Williams: Hammer is cocked…. 49’rs 27 Steelers 35


Dan Vachalek: Green Bay will represent the NFC and the Patriots will represent the AFC. I don’t think any other team in the NFC has the type of offense that the Packers do and I think the Packers offense is going to improve this season. The Patriots are going to be a good team and there isn’t one team that I can see competing with them in the AFC either. I think that this Super Bowl would be an offensive affair.

3.   What game in week 1 are you looking forward to the most?

Darren Jacks: The first couple weeks are tough because the players are still getting in shape and used to playing a full 4 quarters, but I would have to say….it’s either Indy vs Chicago or Washington vs New Orleans. I can’t decide. I want to see how both rookie QB’s play against a good defense. The Bears have a pretty solid defense and the Saints defense isn’t that shabby either.  There’s a lot of hype around both RG3 and Andrew Luck. I know 1 game won’t make a career, but I want to see how they “measure up.”

Why does everyone like this team?


David Snipes: Packers/Niners. Alex Smith year II. Clay Matthews vs Frank Gore, etc. If the Pack blast that Niners O-Line, then it could be a long year in San Fran.


Archie Williams: Game of the week. San Fran at Green Bay is a great kick off game. However, I am most anxious to see the Steelers / Broncos game Sunday night. Two reasons: The Steelers D will try their best to put pressure on Peyton. It will be interesting to see IF he is truly back OR Second: Peyton is good enough to test the age of the Steelers D. Are these Black and Gold guys too Slack and Old.


Dan Vachalek: To me, as a Packers’ fan, I’m looking forward to the Packers-49ers game. If I wasn’t a Packers’ fan, I’d still be looking forward to this game. I’m just not excited to see the Broncos/Steelers’ game, honestly. Yes, I get the Peyton Manning hype, but I’m more interesting in seeing how the Packers’ defense faces against the 49ers’ offense and I’m also more interested in seeing if Alex Smith’s 2011 season was a fluke or not.

4.   Does not having every game on the weekend diminish the start of the NFL season since we don’t get an Opening Day like MLB?

Darren Jacks: No. I really like having more football on during the week. Not too worried about not having an opening day.


David Snipes: If the games are Pack/Saints or Giants/Niners, not so much. Much like the Thanksgiving games. Depends on who is playing. I’d rather have the game on Friday though.


Archie Williams: These Wednesday night kick offs is kind of like premature ejac…. well you know. I hate it. Give everyone a Day to look forward to at the same time. All first week games should be on Sunday.


Dan Vachalek: Not at all. This way, I can concentrate on one game and it prepares me for what I’m going to watch all season, usually. Only three games during the day on Sunday, one at night and one on Monday night. With me going home for the weekend, I’m going to have the luxury of watching it on DirecTV with the Sunday Ticket so it will be like Opening Day in the MLB for me.

5.   What jersey will Maurice Jones-Drew end the season in?

Please Lord, anywhere but Cleveland.

Darren Jacks: I was thinking about arguing this very same topic on another website. I say it’s the Panthers. Carolina could package either DeAngelo Williams or Jonathan Stewart and say, a 2nd round pick to the Jags for MJD. The Panthers would be scary good with Cam, MJD, Steve Smith and Greg Olsen. Cam would have a lot of offensive toys at his disposal. This offense would be awesome and I think they would be a serious contender in the NFC for many years.


David Snipes: I’d like to see him on the Pats, if I was a football atheist. Give the Jags 3-4 picks in the 3/5 rounds to boost that team long term. But considering the problems the Jags have selling tickets? He’ll be traded after the season. I’d auction him off NOW and suck for Barkley if I was the Jags.


Archie Williams: My thoughts is that Jacksonville should not pay him a dime and block any efforts his agent might propose to move to another team. They paid a very front loaded contract and now he wants to hold out to renegotiate his last two years. I say screw him! I say he is wearing a Nike-off-the-rack MJD jersey around X mas.


Dan Vachalek: I honestly don’t think that the Jaguars are going to give up Maurice Jones-Drew and I can’t see him going anywhere. He’ll be in a Jaguars’ uniform at the end of the year.

6.   What team will be the worst in football?

Darren Jacks: The Vikings. Adrian Peterson is recovering from a serious injury that typically takes 2 years before the player returns to pre-injury form. If ever. And AP has been taking a lot of hits and his physical running style leads to injuries. And I’m not sold on Christian Ponder being anything more than an average QB, at best.


David Snipes: Browns. Name me who you want off that team but Joe Thomas.


Archie Williams: Cleveland Browns. There is a shit storm brewing in Cleveland. Holmgren will not go quietly if they try to remove him. Play on the field will not be pretty. I watched Weeden at OSU and he was a great college QB. I am not so sure it will translate well into the faster speed of the NFL. And they still have to play Cincy, Pittsburgh and Baltimore twice each. I don’t see them winning either of those games. I don’t see them winning any of the NFC East games. That’s ten losses there.


Dan Vachalek: To me, I think the Vikings, Browns, Jaguars and Dolphins are going to be among the worst in the NFL, but I think, out of those four teams, the Dolphins will be the worst. They have no offense outside of Reggie Bush and I don’t think he’s anything special. On defense, the only playmaker they have is Cameron Wake, and he hardly makes up for much. Plus, they play in a division with the Jets, Bills and Patriots, all teams I think will probably sweep the Dolphins. I can see the Dolphins sneaking one win in there, but 1-5 against the division isn’t good. At all.



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  1. Good read. I think the Colts want Luck to have a Peyton-ish rookie year. Peyton threw a ton of picks his rookie year but he also showed some flashes of the quarterback he is now.

    Also, if the Colts go 3-13 (or something in that area) it gives them a high pick and the chance to draft another weapon for Luck to use.

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