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The Texans lost Mario Williams to the Buffalo Bills via free agency and they traded Demeco Ryans to the Philadelphia Eagles for a draft pick, but should have enough to win this Division rather easily imo.

As long as they remain healthy.


At some point this season, the Titans will sit Matt Hasselbeck and see what Jake Locker has to offer them. Not to mention, they don’t have a great RB in Chris Johnson. He came on in the 2nd half of the season and had a couple good games, but his 4ypc is almost a full ypc less than his career average.

And their WR’s need to stay healthy and produce.


Can A Brother get a trade?

The Jags drafted a potentially great WR in Justin Blackmon and overpaid Laurent Robinson to give Blaine Gabbert a couple WR’s to see if he can be a legit starting QB in the NFL.

MJD wanting a new deal and being receptive to a trade doesn’t bode well, but Blackmon and Robinson should help Gabbert enough for them to score enough points to avoid the cellar.


The Colts are in for a rebuilding year as they throw Andrew Luck to the wolves.


I’ll be honest, this almost seems like a no-brainer, but I’ve never accused of having one of those.

I’ll swap Jax and Indy

The Colts have LUCK on their Side! You can’t top that.

More to the point, they have a SOLID number 1 QB, something the Jags havn’t had since Clinton

All of Indy’s Stars are in Camp, all 4 of them. The Jags Number 1 guy is holding out, and since it’s cost him a MILLION Bucks- not like he’s just gonna show up ready to go.

Not like MJD is just gonna make them a contender anyway. but the Colts are all there, and they know what they want to do. The Jags are fragmented and half of them are already looking for houses in LA.

Luck is accurate, strong-willed and has already gained the respect of the lockeroom.
The most respected guy in Jacksonville is currently the backup QB in New York, the second most is making fake trades on his X-Box and making runs behind the Packers line.


Last year, the Jags defense was

#6 in total ypg allowed
#8 in passing ypg allowed
#9 in rushing ypg allowed
#11 in ppg allowed

The defense wasn’t too shabby at all. The problem was on offense, they were 32nd in passing ypg. Jacksonville went out and got Blaine Gabbert some help.

They picked up WR Justin Blackmon with the #5th pick in the 2012 NFL draft. They had to overpay to sign Laurent Robinson away from Dallas, but he had a pretty good season with the Cowboys (54 catches, 858 yards, 15.9ypc, 11 TD’s in 14 games).

They also have Mercedes Lewis at TE (39 catches, 11.6ypc).

Gabbert struggled mightily last year, but with the additions on offense he should be a lot better.

They already have a very good RB in MJD, although he wants a contract extension. I doubt he sits out too many games and expect him to play this coming season.

WR Pierre Garcon left for Washington and TE Dallas Clark went to Tampa Bay.

The Colts defense is a HUGE PROBLEM:

#25 in total ypg allowed
#16 in passing ypg allowed
#29 in rushing ypg allowed
#28 in ppg allowed

I could see the Jags winning 6 games or so, while I doubt the Colts win more than 4 games..


Third Place?

The Colts D stunck because the offense was disjointed, they were badly coached and had no idea what to do when Peyton went down.


They have a solid QB, yes I said it- indy right NOW has the second best QB in the divison, , of course, he would be the second best QB in the AFC East, West and North.

Yup, I said it. And by the end of the season, he might be first in 2 of those divisons.

I got Luck the 5th best QB in the ENTIRE AFC before he throws his first professional pass

You can’t miss that. You cannot overstate having a GREAT QB will push you forward.

Look at CAROLINA last year, a FIVE game jump in a divison with a Superbowl MVP and a multi-PB QB.

Neither reside in the AFC South.

Especially in Jacksonville.

They also have a very good TE, new faces on defense and a respected coach.

Jacksonville has a new owner, a ticked off best player in the lockerroom who wants out of town, and a QB who may or may not be replaced by Matt Moore next year.


Last year, the OL allowed 35 sacks, so they decided to start over. They let Jeff Saturday go to Green Bay and replaced him with Samson Satele at center. He will be the best player. Anthony Castonzo should be better this season with a year of experience, but they also have Winston Justice, Mike McGlynn, and Joe Reitz.

Not a bunch of household names. It’s a good thing Luck has some mobility and can get out and run. He may very well be running for his life. Indy better hope he can get out of bounds because Drew Stanton isn’t a very good backup QB. I’d take Chad Henne as a backup QB over Stanton.

In his rookie season, Peyton Manning threw 26 TD’s and 28 INT’s primarily because of a bad OL. But, Manning also had some better talent than Luck does. WR Marvin Jones and RB Marshall Faulk were pretty good options for Manning, but every rookie has a learning curve. And Manning had to learn to throw the ball out of bounds.

The Colts defense played a cover 2 for years and Mathis and Freeney are the best players remaining. Chuck Pagano is bringing the 3-4 scheme he used with the Baltimore Ravens. That will take some time for them to adjust to.


No More Manning?
Whoo-Hoo! Our turn!

Never said the Colts were division contenders.

Just said they were better than the Jags.

Luck might have some growing pains as well- but Luck is a keeper.

Blame? Who knows, I’m glad you brought up Manning’s stats, cause I can see Luck having similar TDs but not as many picks.

Gabby rolled out there with 12 whole TDs and 11 Picks.

In 15 games he barely cracked 2K in yards- you really expect him to lead to many wins, with or without MJD?

Let’s look at MJD. Who is 6 years in, and already has a TON of hits on him, and even if he stats, there is a good chance he breaks down.
If MJD gets his wish and carries his arse more than the ball, then what are they getting back?

Picks. They will lose a guy that ran for 2/5 OF YOUR ENTIRE OFFENSIVE production for NOTHING this year.

Think about that. How cruddy is that passing game?

With a bottom feeder QB, a shaat coach etc. The Colts third down conversion rate was a PUTRID 34.1 percent.

The Jags? With the SAME QB, RB, and O-line?

An even worse 33.6 percent.

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