Atlanta Braves: Are they for real?

So, are they for real or are they going to fade into the twilight like last year?

I find it hard to believe they will still be in the playoffs if they can’t get their offense on track. Dan Uggla has been basically benched as an every day starter due to his offensive woes. Brian McCann is just a shell of his former self, and his usually reliable backup catcher David Ross is ailing on and off the field as well.

When you look at their lineup it is hard to understand why they are NOT producing. Bourn is one of the best lead off men in the game. He is at the top in the league in stolen bases. And the Braves speed machine does not stop there. Heyward and Prado, especially Heyward, has good speed as well.

Freddie Freeman is having a great second year at the dish. There is no sophomore slump in his bag of tricks. He is a few percentage points lower in Batting Average this year but he is above on OPS. He is just 1 bomb away from another 20 homerun season and leads the team with 84 RBIs.

Then there is the Hall of Famer. Chipper Jones is having a dream year for someone that has declared retirement. He is currently batting .304 with 14 Homers. What other 40 year old switch hitting player has gone out on his on terms in such fashion? I can’t remember one.

So why have the Braves NOT scored a single earned run in their last 30 innings of play? That’s right, over three games without an earned run. Even the worst of teams accidently hit a home run in that length of play so what gives?

And you want to hear the really wierd part of this? They WON 2 of 3 games during that span. The beat the Rockies, who is also struggling to score runs obviously, 1-0 and 1-0 during that stretch. Atlanta had an unearned run in each of those games and that one unearned run decided both contest. WOW!

As a long term Braves fan I hope, no, I pray that take their bats to NY this weekend. They can’t expect to keep winning like that and still make the playoffs.

And we DON’T want the same end result that happened last year.


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