David and Dan pick the NFL: Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of the NFL season!
It’s taken frikken FOREVER but year 2 of the Cam Newton rules the NFL era has arrived.

This year on 7poundbag, I am going to be submitting my picks the day before the first game, but this time, there’s a twist.

Cash Money.

No, not the Vegas Super Contest, I don’t have a few months to drop as an entry fee- but I do have Sam’s Town pick the Pro’s contest- Since Shreveport gets the bastardised Vegas casino’s we get the bastardisd contests.

If I get 70% right in 15 of 17 weeks- I get a HUNDRED GRAND. (More than one person, we split). Everyweek I get 75% or more right, I get money, well, the wife does. I get to eat at the buffet.

These are straight up, by the way, last year I only played the last month, and got two weeks PERFECT, missing 3 one week and well, let’s not talk about the other one (6).

So we will be keeping track of that, and also, incase I’m out of the money in week 3. I have the head of the NFL roundtable as well, Dan Vachalek.

Dan: Hi folks. Thanks to David, I’ll be sharing the selections and splitting duties with him on the write-ups. I’m picking and I want to see how I do on the season against David in picks. And, most important, you guys, the readers. How will I compare against you’re selections. week in and week out? Just share some picks in the comments and we’ll compare how well we did against our readers’ picks each

Each week, we will give you the picks, and on ones we agree, one of us will tell you why, and on the ones we differ, we both make the case.

Enough prologue.

Lets get to the games!

Wednesday, September 5
DAL at NYG 8:30 PM, NBC

Note: Dan and I both picked our games independently, and if we agree, only one of us will do a small preview, if we disagree then we both will state why.

David: Giants
Dan: Giants

David: I’m not a big fan of Romo, or Jason Garrett. I’m still not that big a fan of Tommy Boy, but double rings is double rings. The Giants really can’t run the ball, even with Brandon Jacobs, and I don’t see them getting better without him. I’d look to an ariel battle, and I just trust Eli more than I do Tony, and being at home helps.

Sunday, September 9
IND at CHI 1:00 PM, CBS

David: Bears
Dan: Bears

Dan: The big headline story for this game is Andrew Luck starting his first NFL regular season game. With that in mind, the Colts don’t have Jeff Saturday at Center nor do they have Dallas Clark or Pierre Garcon as weapons for Luck. The Bears will have a healthy Jay Cutler and Matt Forte and they have an additional weapon in Brandon Marshall. With the Colts still not very solid at the running game, the Bears should be able to win this game with no problem. It also helps that the Bears are going to be in front of their home crowd.

PHI at CLE 1:00 PM, FOX

David: Eagles
Dan: Eagles

Dan: The Cleveland Browns have been dubbed as one of the worst teams in the NFL and they didn’t seem to do too much this past off-season to help their chances this season. The Eagles are a good team led by Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy and they shouldn’t have any problems with the Browns, despite the Browns being at home. Easy victory for the Eagles.

STL at DET 1:00 PM, FOX

David: Detroit
Dan: Detroit

Dan: The St. Louis Rams are in a bad division, but they did bring in Steve Smith from the Eagles. Sam Bradford will be entering his third season after a downfall last season and the Rams are trying to look to re-group after their embarrassment 2-14 season they had. The Lions are looking to try to win their division. While they won’t have Jahvid Best, they will be starting the season with Kevin Smith at running back. With how good the Lions showed they were last year and how poorly the Rams were, with little adjustments to both teams, this is another no-brainer game in which the Lions will win.

NE at TEN 1:00 PM, CBS

David: Patriots
Dan: Patriots

Dan: To me, this game is going to be a no-brainer. I don’t trust Jake Locker as a quarterback and the Titans don’t really look like a strong team to me. The Patriots are already favorites to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl and with Tom Brady leading the way, they can easily take this to a large, blowout victory and I see that happening.

ATL at KC 1:00 PM, FOX

David: Atlanta
Dan: Atlanta

David: I have both of these teams as division winners, of course, one wins the BEST division in football, and the other the WORST. KC’s front seven might do better than expected vs Turner, and Bowe can find open space in the Falcons secondary, but I don’t think Bowe cancels out the points Ryan is going to generate. I look for a very entertaining game, until the Falcons just steadily pull away.

JAC at MIN 1:00 PM, CBS

David: Minnesota
Dan: Minnesota

Dan: Both of these teams aren’t looking like they’re going to be anything special this season, but the Vikings are a little stronger in my book. The Jaguars could be without MJD for this game, and he is their offense. Blaine Gabbert had a solid pre-season, but the Vikings aren’t looking very good either. Adrian Peterson is up in the air to see if he’s even cleared to play. This is going to be a low-scoring affair, but the Vikings defense is going to make the difference in this game and be the reason that they win.

WSH at NO 1:00 PM, FOX

David: New Orleans
Dan: New Orleans

David: I do look forward the seeing RG3 come out in his first game, and the Saints should be a good test, they have a decent run defense, buoyed by FA addition LB Curtis Lofton, so RG3 is going to have to use that arm, especially if that Defense starts to get shredded early and it becomes a passing contest. I see Washington falling behind early, and Pierre Thomas to get a lot of work as Darren Sproles works third downs.

BUF at NYJ 1:00 PM, CBS

David: Jets
Dan: Bills

David: I like the Jets here, not only because its a home game, but because everyone is healthy. The line, the RBs even the LBs are good to go. Ryan can test Super Mario, and grind the ball against that redone front seven. I don’t think Tebow is really going to be a factor, but again, I don’t have a great reason, just a feeling that Ryan Fitzy is not coming out of the gate like last year. I think the book is out on him and Ryan is going to find a way to shut him down.

Dan: The New York Jets will be starting Mark Sanchez this Sunday, despite what some people in New York might want. But I think this game is going to be interesting in seeing the new additions that Buffalo has, especially Mario Williams. I really like Buffalo’s offense and I think they’re going to make the difference in this game, especially since I really don’t like how the Jets offense looks, specifically the quarterback situation. I don’t think that the Jets defense is going to make up for that offensive negative either, meaning the BIlls win this game.

MIA at HOU 1:00 PM, CBS

David: Houston
Dan: Houston

Dan: The Texans had their first playoff appearance last season and they’re going to look to return there this season. They will have a good start to the season as they shouldn’t have any problems with the Dolphins, who now don’t have any weapons to throw to and their quarterback situation isn’t good in the first place. Only playmaker on that team is Cameron Wake, but besides that, they’re in a hole. The Texans have a good offense and their defense has only shown improvements last season. This game won’t be good for the Dolphins or their fans. Texans win handily.

SF at GB 4:25 PM, FOX

David: Packers
Dan: Packers

Dan: This has to be the match-up of the weekend. Two teams that are the two teams that people are predicting will make it to the Super Bowl (just depends on your preference). The Green Bay Packers have a very solid offense and they’re going to be getting some help by having a running game with the addition of Cedric Benson late in the pre-season. The only concern that people have is the defense, especially the secondary. With the new additions they’ve had this season, the defense should show some improvement. The 49ers have a dangerous offense as long as Alex Smith can have another good season. If he can’t, then the 49ers are going to be in some trouble. This game is going to be won by the offense, and the Packers clearly have the better offense and will take care of business on Sunday.

SEA at ARI 4:25 PM, FOX

David: Arizona
Dan: Seattle

David: I don’t like either team, or the directions they are going with. Seattle blew the top QB on the market for a third rounder, and still have little at the skill positions, while the Cards have. Good bit at the skill, but no O-line and almost no depth on the front 7. As big a ND fan that I am, that was a HORRID pick, they need help at the tackles, and did nothing to help. I think Beenie Wells finds enough room to run, and just enough goofyness allows the Cards to get an upset vs a better team. I like Skelton though.

Dan: I don’t like either team, honestly. But, I have absolutely no trust in Arizona for this season. I think that the Seahawks are going to be in better position with Russell Wilson getting the start. The Seahawks were able to make the playoffs and upset the New Orleans Saints last season with a poor quarterback, so with an improved quarterback, I think the Seahawks are going to be able to win this game. With the better overall team, the Seahawks get the victory.

CAR at TB 4:25 PM, FOX

David: Panthers
Dan: Panthers

David: Panthers win here one hundred and eleventy to 3. I don’t think the Bucs offense has improved that much, and with the Panthers (for now) being healthy, will be just too fast to allow the 1-2 punch of the Bucs running game to get going. I look for Cam to work the middle of the field with Olsen and Smith, and break the game open late on a frustrated Tampa team.

PIT at DEN 8:20 PM, NBC

David: Steelers
Dan: Steelers

David: The Bronco debut of the Manning!
Vs Dick Lebeau.
A guy who’s neck might be in better shape. I’m not overly enthused by Denver’s O-line and that right side will be tested early and often, and I’m not sure that defense can hold Big Ben this earlt in the season, even with the injuries on THAT line. I think Peyton’s going to find out his receivers are never going to be Harrison and Wayne, and the ground in Denver isn’t as thin the air as this game’s over by halftime.

Monday, September 10
CIN at BAL 7:00 PM, ESPN

David: Ravens
Dan: Ravens

David: What? A competitive game here? Believe it. The Bengals are a few pieces away (and a coach) from enjoying a pretty good stay on top of the NFC North/Wildcard #1 spot. The Dalton gang is going to test that front seven and that Ravens secondary is going to smother that passing game. I think Flacco can move the ball just enough to win a low-scoring slugfest. Hope you have Ray Rice in your fantasy league.

SD at OAK 10:15 PM, ESPN

David: Oakland
Dan: San Deigo

David: I don’t like Norv, and I still don’t trust Carson Palmer. This game to be honest, is the only one I really debated, and it came down to two factors:
1. Chargers stink in the beginning of the season.
2. Home field.

Other than that, I really don’t have a convincing argument.

Dan: And the Raiders are another team that doesn’t excite me at all. Yes, they have Carson Palmer at quarterback, but I just don’t like how their team is set up. Darren McFadden can only do so much and I think the Chargers, led by Philip Rivers is going to be in better shape for this game. One thing that does concern me is that Ryan Matthews will likely not be starting for Monday NIght’s game. But, they do have Ronnie Brown so they aren’t in a bad situation and they did add Eddie Royal and Robert Meachem but they did lose Vincent Jackson, which shouldn’t be a big loss. I think the Chargers have the better offense and will win the game.

Thats all for Week One: Enjoy the games, got a comment, throw it below.

Note: On my wife’s selection slot- I had her pick the Chargers

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  1. Dallas
    Jacksonville (AP isn’t going to be the same until 2013)
    New Orleans
    NY Jets
    Green Bay
    Oakland (SD has a lot of injuries)

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