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Dave vs Darren continue!


1. GB

And then?

2. Da Bears
Cutler has a top-level telented, true #1 wideout. No more forcing the ball to Hester, trying to make him a force. Hester can catch curls and fly routes and make things happen in space.
The only question mark is the coach runs hot and cold, and you don’t know when he goes cold.

3. Lions

I like the Lions are doing, but no running game means they might miss the playoffs
Not to mention I’m still waiting for Stafford to play a solid season with all 16 games. Stafford is a very good QB who could be a Top 8 QB, but I wonder how good he is without Calvin Johnson. But no solid running game is going to sink thid ship. Of course, why not toss a #2 for MJD?

4. Minny

ImProving, but not anywhere close to the other three teams. I still don’t like the QB, and not really sold on the defense. ADP might not even play this year at 100%, and that’s not good. This teams is in year 1 of at least a 3 year rebuild.


1-Green Bay.

Both DJ and David think these guys win the division, do you?

The Packers are the best team in the North. I really like the addition of Cedric Benson, he is a player that can provide a workhorse RB. He seems to get stronger in the 3rd and 4th quarter of games and this makes the Packers even scarier.

The defense should be a lot better this season with their additions.


Stafford played in 16 games last season and with a healthy core of RB’s, the Lions should limit the hits and sacks Stafford takes.


Jay Cutler is starting to miss i the more he plays behind Chicago’s OL.

He has been sacked 110 times in 3 seasons (including 52 times in 2010) with the Bears. He gets hit a lot even when he isn’t sacked. He missed 2 games in 2010 (including a playoff game) and played in just 10 games in 2011, killing their postseason chances.


This is easily the worst team in the North and 1 of the worst in football IF Adrian Peterson doesn’t bounce back quicker than most players do from a torn ACL.


Stafford played in 16 games last season and with a healthy core of RB’s, the Lions should limit the hits and sacks Stafford takes.

You said this.

I know you are busy with the Raiders cheerleaders but let me fill you in on something

The “Top” returning rusher, Jahvid Best- who ALMOST cracked 400 whole yards – is on the PUP list, and thats not anything to do with weiner dogs. He’s out for a bit, and If/when he comes back, he won’t have played for a CALENDER YEAR

He might be shut down for the year, since he can’t pass the concussion test.

Next on the list, Kevin Smith, has a twisted ankle, and has missed 19 games the past two years.

Not exactly a picture of health.

You want more?

Mike Leshoure, who is suspended the first two games. PLUS he’s recovering from a torn Achilles

So that’s your “healthy stable of Running Backs?”

Might as well say “If It doesn’t snow at the North Pole, the Polar bears can play volleyball”


Best hasn’t been ruled out for the year. They are simply being cautious.Placing him on the PUP allows for an extra 12 weeks of recovery time.

Smith is just 25 and averaged a career high 4.9ypc when he did suit up last season.

I normally don’t put a lot of stock in preseason, but Keiland Williams displayed some flashes and might be in line for some increase playing time. He showed some nice speed on a 33 yard run.

Another player that has been impressive has been RB Joique Bell. He has carried the ball 26 times for 135 yards.

They will do it by a RB by committee approach, David. They won’t rely on any 1 back to carry the ball 20 times a game.

Any time a QB has player like CJ, they are very dangerous. Stafford also has Nate Burleson (73 catches, 7 plays of at least 20 yards) and Titus Young (48 catches, 6 TD’s). Not to mention, rookie Ryan Broyles.

The Bears upgraded their WR’s when they traded for Brandon Marshall and reunited him with Cutler, but CJ is way better. Chicago is an aging team and Detroit is an up and coming team that will make more strides this season.


Megatron is the BEST WR in the NFL! Of course he’s better than the Bears WRs

But the Bears arn’t exactly throwing Hester out there as a number 1 or Knox. They have a guy that threw MULTIPLE 100+ catch seasons, So might not be the equal of CJ, but what 85-90% of him? That not outside the realm of possibilty.

You can get all excited about a (going into the season) FOURTH string running back’s masterful 35 yard run against the guy that just delivered a case of cranberry juice to me, but I’ll take Matt Forte to do a HAIR better, than your “platoon of scrubs”

I daresay the gap from Forte to “platoon dela beerman” is FAR wider than Megatron to Marshall.

The line stinks- but is Detroits that much better? Not to mention the fact Cutler does have really good hand speed. He can get the ball out fairly quick. Cutler fits the town.

Does N’stompaking Sue play all 16? You know every 3rd tier OL is going to be in his face all year.


He’s an upgrade, but Marshall is not eaxactly a top 3 WR in the NFL. He’s good, but CJ is clearly far and away….better.

Devin Hester is Chicago’s #2 WR and he caught just 26 passes last season.

Detroit has a better #2 option in Burleson. He caught 73 passes last season and is the perfect complement to CJ.

Squatting is the right image for this team

Kevin Smith is expected to start for the Lions on September 9th against the St. Louis Rams. And Smith gives Detroit a pretty nice RB. He averaged 4.9ypc and had 4 TD’s in 7 games.

Williams is expected to be the backup and Bell the 3rd stringer. If Best returns at some point this season, he gives them an another offensive weapon.

Simply stated they will not be expecting Smith to shoulder the load alone. They will probably rotate RB’s to give them a chance to keep Smith healthy early on in the season.

“The line stinks- but is Detroits that much better?”


Chicago allowed 49 sacks, tied for 5th most in the League. Detroit allowed 36, 16th in the League. That’s a huge difference.

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