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The David and DJ show roll on to the AFC West!




DJ Leads off.

Peyton Manning was a huge pickup for the Broncos and I think he makes a huge difference for Denver’s young WR’s, Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker. This was a team that was able to make it to the 2nd round of the playoffs with Tim Tebow.


They could be a 1st place team or a last place team. A lot depends on Darren McFadden’s health. A full offseason with D-Mac should help Carson Palmer. Not to mention, the continued development of WR’s DHB (who started to show his true potential last season), Denarius Moore and Jacoby Ford.

3-Kansas City.

The Chiefs will be better with Peyton Hillis to help shoulder the load with Jamaal Charles coming back from an injury. KC has to be less predictable on offense, like the Raiders, in order to be successful.

4-San Diego.

The Chargers lost WR Vincent Jackson (60 receptions, 1,106 yards, 18.4ypc, 9 TD’s) to free agency and Tampa Bay. So, they went out and signed a bunch of 2nd tier WR’s in Robert Meachem, Roscie Parrish and Eddie Royal.


David has the Chiefs flying-
DJ? Not so much

Holy Cripe what a load of Crud here.

This is, sadly, just picking a team that knows what it has and what it can try, moreso than able to just go out and beat teams.

1. I’m taking KC.

I got two of the best backs in football. If they can be Thunder and Lightning version 782, They might be able to generate some 8 man fronts, freeing up Bowe on the outside. The front seven isn’t horrid, but in this division?

2. Denver

They have a defense. Much as we care about Peyton, he doesn’t have the tools around him to roll out 40 point games week-in and week-out. He can and will roll out 21 points. That defense has to CONTINUE to be great. Problem is, I’m not sure Peyton is 100%. I’m not sure his line can keep him upright for 16 games, even if his neck holds up.

3. SD

ESPN the Magazine has them at 13-3.
We both know JUST how much we respect and value their opinion right?
Is Norv still the coach? Is Rivers the QB? DO they have a number 1 WR?

Only ONE of those questions has a solid good answer. That’s just not going to work.

4. Oakland

But it STINKS in Oakland. They have good talent, but I don’t see where they have ONE thing they can hang their helmets on.

DJ Sees a crushing tackle
David sees YET ANOTHER facemask penalty

This basically comes down to KC winning the Division and you have the Raiders finishing last.

The Chiefs have a battering ram style RB in Hillis, who should bounce back with a change of scenery. But, Charles is coming back from a serious injury ACL injury in week 2 last season. Typically, expectations for a RB in his first year back from an ACL surgery aren’t very high. History has shown it often takes until the second year to return to the same level of play as before.

The Raiders have a lot of talent on their roster, but they didn’t live up to it last year. They were 7-4 and in 1st place, until their defense lost several 2nd half leads. They lost 2 of their last 3 games and 4 of their last 5.

It led to Hue Jackson getting fired and Reggie McKenzie being hired to replace Al Davis as GM. McKenzie worked with Ron Wolf and Ted Thompson from 1994-2012. During his time there, they won 2 SB titles.

Dennis Allen was hired to replace Jackson, and he will focus on improving a defense that gave up a 13 point lead in the last 7 minutes and 47 seconds to Detroit and a 31-16 lead to SD.

How did Mike Holmgrem do in GB? Heck how was he in Seattle?

How’s he Doing with the Browns?

Tell me how the Raiders win this year? Palmer to Bey? How’s that working? Yes they have McFadden, but I’d almost bet on Turkey Leg and Charles to make it all 16 games before McFadden does.

The Raiders have to SHOW me something. Losing in close games only mean you can’t close the deal. That’s not a team being on the cusp, that’s a team that needs LEADERS.
Did the Raiders add any of them?

Again, this Shaat div comes down to who you are.


The Chefs can run, and somewhat stop the run.
The Broncos have a HOF QB, and WRs that don’t match, but a solid D
The Chargers have a Pro-Bowl QB, but are thin everywhere and a SHAAT coach
The Raiders have what?

Holmgren? Has nothing to do with this.

DHB played a lot better last season. He caught 64 passes for 975 yards (15.2ypc, 4 TD’s with 14 plays of at least 20 yards). That is the definition of a playmaker and he just needs the ball to be effective. Palmer needs to be looking for him a lot.

“Losing in close games only mean you can’t close the deal.”

What it usually means: The team is young and/or inexperienced. That experience will pay off this season. Young players need some on the job training.

A perfect example is Matt Giordano. He got his first chance at serious playing time (career high 8 starts) and led the team in picks with 5 and had 70 tackles. Demarcus Van Dyke experienced growing pains, but is a very promising player. Last season should pay huge dividends this year. They added a couple experienced CB’s. Ron Bartell is a big and physical player and Shawntae Spencer brings more experience from his time spent with the 49ers. Tyvon Branch is a beast (109 tackles).

They added a leader a few seasons back. Richard Seymour. Since he has come to Oakland, the attitude has changed. They aren’t the same old Raiders of 2003-2009.

Holmgren? Has nothing to do with this.

He got his ring the same place your “raiders braintrust” did.

Neither DJ or David believe the hype

What it usually means: The team is young and/or inexperienced.

No. Grantland has a whole piece destroying that idea.

So what else you got? Richard Seymour? How long he’s been there? They are still tops in the NFL in penalties, they still lead the league in stabbings as well.

The Raiders have the fourth, or at best, third best QB in the division
The Raiders have the third best) in the div (depending on you Moreno feelings-4th)
The Raiders have the 2nd best WR corps
The Raiders have the 3rd best D in the NFL as well.

How does that win the div? (They might have the 2nd best coach, however)

KC’s the Pick

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