Darren and David talk AFC East

Darren and David breakdown how the divisions are going to shake out. This is the first of all 8.

Who was right? Who was wrong?  Let us know below!

Darren kicks it off!


1-New England.

The Patriots are easily the class of this Division.

2-NY Jets.

The Jets acquired Tim Tebow in the offseason to push incumbent QB Mark Sanchez. Tebow will be starting for them before the season is over and with LeDanian Tomlinson retiring, that may not be such a bad thing. Tebow can help improve their running game, just like he did with Denver last season.


They acquired Mario Williams, but the Bills need a lot more than a DE to be able to compete in the AFC East. Especially after their 2nd half of the season collapse last season when they lost 8 of their last 9 games.

Oh, and Ryan Fitzpatrick just isn’t that good. He got a huge contract when he played well for them, but tossed 23 INT’s last year, most in the NFL.


They drafted QB Ryan Tannehill and he will most likely start the season, but they traded WR Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears, shocking to say the least.

Davone Bess, Brian Hartline, and Legedu Naanee are not good WR’s. They might have the worst group of WR’s in the NFL.

1. Buffalo Bills

– Kidding

1. Pats


2. Fins

I like the Dolphins, I love the change in attitude, I think the defense gets better- keep in mind the D was THIRD against the run, and Dansby looks like he wants to EARN his money and if Tanny can do anything- the defense will keep them in the game.

3. Jets

I hate the direction, and keep in mind, I’m a UNC fan.

4. Bills

Not impressed by the coach, nor the QB. Mario will help, but the D SUCKED, and that O-line and great either.


Miami in 2nd place? Wow.

Tannehill is a rookie and I don’t think he’s close to being NFL ready.

Like I said in my 1st argument, the Miami WR’s aren’t that good and they traded Marshall. If they were planning on starting him they should give him a solid WR to improve his chances of having success early on. Like Cam Newton had Steve Smith last season with Carolina and that helped him integrate into the NFL faster than if he had 2nd tier WR’s.

The Dolphins have a solid defense, but they have to be able to score points to win games or they may lose a lot of 16-13 and 17-10 games. And Tannehill will take his lumps as a rookie. Miami QB’s were sacked 52 times last year.

Buffalo QB’s just 23 times.

Both Darren and David think the Pats are still going to leave the AFC East in the dust

Matt Moore showed he was a serviceable QB last year, but he also had Marshall.

The Jets are just a better team than Miami. Tebow will help improve their running game when he replaces Sanchez. The Jets were 22nd last season in running the ball and Tebow will help in that area.

The Bills have a more balanced offense with a veteran QB in Fitzpatrick, proven RB in Fred Jackson and WR’s Steve Johnson and David Nelson.


I’m trying to remember a time when a QB was picked in the middle of the first round, and had a pretty good defense.

Big Ben? Didn’t he do ok?

Ok, not like Tanny’s gonna be a 2-time champ.

But he doesn’t need to go 15-1 to be a success either. He’s got a good running back, you can develop WR’s and yes, his line needs work, but he has a fairly quick release.

Name me the stud WR’s the Jets and Bills have- heck who is the best WR in the diviwion? Ain’t no one here scaring Andre Johnson away from Hawaii.

The Jets are in trouble. I don’t like the draft, I don’t like the addition of Tebow to a situation that is bound to have issues (If Ryan came out and said he’s playing 5-10 plays a game, but if Mark Sanchez throws 6 Ints, Sanchez still starts, would have ended the controversy) and I don’t think the pass rush is better.

The Bills? Ryan has to show me over 16 games, but putting the Bills at 4 has been a safe bet since gas was under a buck.


Santonio Holmes (8 TD’s) ring a bell? He had an off year (he’s just 28 so he should bounce back), but he’s a better and more proven WR than the Broncos had last year.

They also drafted a huge Red Zone target in Stephen Hill and felt comfortable letting Plaxico Burress walk as a free agent. They are better than Miami’s WR’s.

Buffalo? They have a better QB than Miami and Jackson, not to mention breakout WR Johnson.

Tebow will help improve the Jets running game. The Broncos were bad running team (86.8ypg) until Tebow became the starter. They ended the season as the best running team in the NFL (164.5ypg). Aging Willis McGahee was Denver’s “stud RB.”

Excuse me, David thinks you are heading for second place.

Oh, and NY has Dustin Keller. A safety valve he didn’t have in Denver.

Miami’s RB? Reggie Bush. A career bust until he went to Miami in the AFC after playing his entire career in the NFC.

The Jets are in trouble?

Quinton Coples was a very nice addition. He will help upgrade their pass rush, which was a definite weakness last season with just 35 sacks. They also added Laron Landry to upgrade their defensive backfield and help against the run. Revis should bounce back after an off year.


 A career bust until he went to Miami in the AFC after playing his entire career in the NFC

Update for you, the Fins are STILL in the AFC, and this isn’t baseball where it makes a difference what league you are in. Bush got a ring in the NFC, by the way, and his “AFC career” looks pretty durn good.

The Jets running game will improve with Tebow, but to get the Bronco effect- He’s gotta start- and if Tebow starts the entire season, Holmes is going to WISH he could get to 8TDs.

Bottom line- the Fins have the second best D in the division, and the gap between them and the Pats is a lot closer than the distance between the fins and the other two.

Sanchez is going to have a tough time with Tebow, who isn’t playing in Kansas anymore- the last time he played the Hoodie he got ROLLED- expext the Hoodie to do it twice more, and teach the rest of the NFL how. The Fins are simply the better team.

Mario’s gonna help the Bills- but they are not a playoff team, and I still don’t like the coach!

Darren and David have differing idea’s on how far Reggie can carry the Dolphins. What do you think?

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