MMA Roundtable: Aug 22 edition

Welcome to the Roundtable! New Night, New Site, Same dudes. Damn, we gotta do something about that David Dude, he stinks. This week we get Joao “Bamma” Pedro, Jim “PrideFC” Jacobs, Collin “WEC” Caprini and as always, I am David “Ring Rulers” Snipes

Lets get to the Questions!

1. Does Rousey have to develop another finisher to take women’s MMA to the next level?

Joao: I don’t think that armbars are the issue. At least not the bulk of it. The issue is that Rousey is a very likeable and marketable fighter, despite not being Gina Carano. The issue is that women’s MMA is going downhill. When Strikeforce disappears I see the women’s division fading into oblivion.

James: No, she doesn’t. I actually think her 1st round armbars make her fights more appealing. How long can she continue this trend is what excites me as a fan of MMA. Dana White recently said that if you ever see a woman MMA fighter in the UFC it will be Rousey. And I believe him. I think if that ever happens, you will see womens MMA reach another level.

Collin: No, she does not.  Mostly because what happens in the cage is a small part of the Rousey mania; it is all about her outspoken personality and beauty.  Provided she continues to win fights, it really doesn’t matter much to the masses I don’t think.  Besides, like Jim said, it adds a level of appeal to fight fans, wondering each time out if she’ll be able to get another one.  Now I just want to see her pay homage to “Judo” Gene and win a fight via LeBell Lock.

David: I’ll have to echo Collin here, As long as she wins, how she does it is irrelevant to the casual, that’s something for us hardcores to debate.

2. Did Jacare do enough to earn a rematch for the title?

Joao: Brunson and Marunde are just that, Brunson and Marunde. On the other hand, I think the time has come to put Jacaré and Roger Gracie fighting each other once again, but this time with MMA rules. It is an interesting fight, very deep background and it is certainly a better situation than just handing out a title shot to Ronaldo, one that he doesn’t deserve. At least not yet.

James: I believe so. There’s not a whole lot of talent in the SF 185 division and the first fight between Jacare and Rockhold was very close. Since then Jacare has reeled off a couple of wins. Rockhold has stated he wants to rematch Jacare, and its the fight that makes the most sense. Let’s make the fight happen, Jacare deserves it.

Collin: Sure, why not?  That division isn’t super deep beyond three or four established guys and a few guys who didn’t make it at 205 and are trying to cut to stay relevent.  Who else are they going to give it to?  Lorenz Larkin or Roger Gracie?  I think not.
David: Oddly enough, people that scream about Lyoto getting another shot, are just fine with Jacare getting another shot, with Guffy and Larkin out there.

You down with OSP?

3. Is OSP back on track?

Joao: Losing to Mousasi certainly wasn’t a knock on OSP’s fighting ability, but a KO win is always a good way to rebound from a loss. He eventually needs to move to a better camp if he wants to become an above average Light Heavyweight. SF’s Light Heavyweight roster certainly has enough mediocre fighters to land OSP some more wins in the meantime.

James: Anytime a fighter wins a fight, especially in emphatic fashion the way OSP did, you would have to consider that fighter to be back on track. We also have to consider him to be one of the top Light Heavyweight’s on the SF roster, and his fight with Mousasi and KO win over Cook have to give him some confidence moving forward.

Collin: Yes, he is.  He had a small setback losing to a solid top 10 guy in Mousasi, but you can’t hold that to much against him at this point in his career.  He is still young, with tons of potential and now he is starting to amass some impressive finishes as well.  He still has a way to go, but he’s moving in the right direction.

David: One thing everyone missed- OSP GASSED! If you are going to play with Big Boy MMA, you CANNOT gas against a guy that 90% of the people watching don’t know and most likely won’t see again in this spot.

4. Other than the H-bomb, sell me Hendo beating Jones

Joao: I am not saying it will happen, but the way I see Henderson having a shot is actually not relying on his H-bomb and going into wrestling mode instead. Close the distance, get the clinch, take it to the ground and rough up the current champion. All easier said than done and probably not likely to happen. But that is what I would advise Henderson to do.

James:I think Joao basically summed it up. Henderson would have to use his wrestling and initiate his clinch game to steal rounds. From clinch he would have to use his Greco Roman and get Jones to the mat where he can unleash his ground and pound and top game. Other than that, I really see no avenues to victory for Hendo in this fight.

Collin: Even without the H-Bomb, he might very well just be a better striker than Bones.  Dan has been outstriking some of the best strikers at 205 for years, using timing and movement to beat guys like Fedor, Shogun and Wanderlei in the standing relm.  Jon isn’t as good a striker as them, that is for sure.  Don’t be shocked if he just uses his timing to dart in and out and do big damage.  I think Dan needs to avoid the clinch, being that he will be 20+ pounds lighter than Jones and Jones has a very dangerous trip takedown and throwing game.  Dan needs to keep this fight at distance, and go to work with his hands

David: No. Hendo has to get inside to do any damage, and Jones is becoming an EXPERT at making you fight at distance. I DON’T think he can get Jones down and I am CERTAIN he cannot KEEP him down if he does. I just don’t think for 25 minutes, Hendo can pile up enough damage to win.

5. If Jones wins, how far is he from being the GOAT LHW?

Joao: Bones is still young and hasn’t had a long reign as a champion yet. That having been said, he had an incredible 2011 and has virtually cleaned that division, one which is traditionally very competitive and filled with dangerous guys. It has come to the point in which, if he beats Hendo, then he has virtually cleaned the division. And that is extremely remarkable. In my book, with the competition that he has beaten, he will be placed above the likes of Liddell, Ortiz, Couture, Wanderlei and Shogun. So, yes, he’ll be the LHW GOAT in my view.

James: Yes he will become the greatest Light Heavyweight in UFC history and MMA history in general, as much as it pains me to say. Let’s just do a quick run down. He’s beaten Shogun Rua, former UFC champion and former Pride Grand Prix champion. Lyoto Machida, former UFC champion, Rampage Jackson, former UFC champion, Rashad Evans, former UFC champion. If he beats Hendo, he’ll have beaten the former Pride champion and former Strikeforce champion. Is anyone really close would be my question?

Collin: 3 years at least.  He is still no where close to what Wand accomplished in Pride, and beating the same guys over and over again might not get him there ever.  His career is very young, and he won’t be threatening GOAT status anytime soon.

David: All he needs is time. Other fighters will come in and others will move into his weight class- what makes Hendo and Fedor and all the claimants viable to the GOAT throne, is they knocked off everyone in front of them, and some of those guys he beat are Hall-of-Famers. You cannot tell me that if there was a viable #2 in Japan or Affliction was still around, that Machida or Rashad or Shogun wouldn’t be fighting for that title. Its not Jones fault that he fights so often. If he only fought 2 times a year- he wouldn’t be lopping off heads and someone could build.

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