Indianapolis Colts: Season Preview


Last year they went 2-14, breaking a LONG winning streak, and showing just how important a QB is when there isn’t much talent around him. No wait, how crappy the talent around a HOF QB can be hidden. Yeah, thats it. The Colts decided to start over- firing everyone but the guy that feeds the cheerleaders.

The Colts lost a TON of talent, not just Manning this offseason, let me know who you don’t want on your team from this list:

Jamaal Anderson
Gary Brackett
Dallas Clark
Ryan Diem
Jeff Saturday
Phillip Wheeler

I’ll take them all, thank you.

Samson Satele might be the only addition that starts the whole season, but considering who he is replacing? Cory Redding came over, but is he worth a double at this point? Not good.

The Colts did have one HELLUVA draft, adding QB1 and doing a very smart thing in giving the TE-loving QB, his top Stanford target. Fleener wasn’t just a gift for Luck or a built-in roommate, either, dude is 6’6, 250 and can move off the line. Josh Champman could be starting day 1, and Justin Anderson might be soon as well.

The Colts have a TON of dead money on the cap, but watch them next offseason, if Luck pans out, they will be SCARY good in year 3.


Its Luck to Fleener, add some tosses to Collie and the man who must have one heckuva nice home, Reggie Wayne. Wayne is an 11-year vet, who simply must be looking to open a restaurant or something as a local legend. The running game just doesn’t jump out at me, twenty-sixth last year, and the O-line isn’t going to be better. Lucks going to be fun though, and moving the offense from 30th to the high 20s will be more of a success than doubling the win total.


Yes, he is THAT goofy.
But he’s also THAT good.



Andrew Luck: I saw the Rams game, and the guy is a keeper. Duh, I know, but even his BAD passes are close. Very few go sailing and normally they come in fairly tight. My only issue is he gets a bit too eager to move. He’s more than willing to slide 3 feet to the side or sprint to the corner of the pocket and look for a target. Normally thats not a bad thing, but when you move to the side- you close off the third of the field you moved away from and the safeties start moving over. That makes life difficult. QBing isn’t always about power, its a good bit about angles.



The defense on the other hand, I have no inkling where its going. Chapman is going to be good, they have Mathis, Freeney, added Redding, all with a decade of miles on them, but other than Angerer and Powers (if upright) anyone out there you want? Bethea maybe. I expect a HUGE dropoff in the  defense, especially if Powers and/or Freeney go down. That secondary just isn’t good. Watching the Rams game, and I’ll admit, it was preseason, but again, they looked out of sorts and some easy shots didn’t happen and Rams players got yards they shouldn’t have. Regardless of how good Luck is, they do have to STOP someone to win. This could easily be the worst defense in the AFC South, and considering Jacksonville is in the division, thats saying something. Don’t whine, as people said last year, Peyton wasn’t a cornerback. Give this defense a year

3 games to watch

Week 1: Bears. Luck debut, Cutler vs the secondary. If the Bears weak pass rush can get to Luck, then its a LONG season.

Week 2: Minny. Another bad team, Home Debut, Peterson vs the Hybrid defense. If the Colts lose here, they will be looking at starting the 2013 draft as they did 2012. Should help them he next week when MJD drops by.

Week 11: New England. The measuring stick. The Hoodie gonna kill the rookie, but if the Stanford Duo watch Brady and Gronk, and we know how good they are taking notes in class, this could be interesting.

Wins: Jax
Possibles: Min, Mia, at Jax
Tossups: Ten, at Ten, Cle

My Prediction 2-14

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