A responce to Rick Reilly’s attack on Notre Dame

Ok, National Hack writer- er ESPN talking head, Rick Reilly, recently came out and took on the easy target that is Notre Dame football.

Please allow me to fill in a few blanks, add a bit of commentary, and respond to this diatribe. (Italics are his words)

I’ll save you the background, on how he is a ND fan and legacy.

“In Europe, if you play too much bad soccer for too many years, you get “relegated” to a lower division, moved down, demoted. It just happened to the Blackburn Rovers.”

Irrelevant. To drop down a division is to remove all scholorships and many many trees must be destroyed in paperwork. Euro soccer is setup to demote teams that don’t spend or pick the wrong players or simply stink. The NCAA is set up to MAKE MONEY.
And to graduate “student athletes” if they get around to it.
Also, Euro Soccer is PROFESSIONAL, this is amateur “allegedly” so this point is irrelevant and ignorant.

“If Notre Dame isn’t a factor this season — and it hasn’t been a factor in almost 20 years — it’s time to take it down a literal peg.”

In the National Championship or nothing world, guess who else is not a factor? About 90% of 1-A teams, even if you bring out to JUST a BCS Bowl- that ND has made- you still have TONS of teams that are not a factor. Quick, name the teams relevant this year- Bama, LSU, USC, Oregon, Michigan, maybe Boise and who else you got? 6 teams, and the other 95 don’t count?
Since he comes back to this, so will I.

“We can’t demote Notre Dame from its conference — since it is far too noble to belong to any piddling conference — but we can demote it in stature.

From now on:
– Notre Dame no longer gets its own television deal with NBC.
– Notre Dame no longer gets to be the only school in the country with an inexplicable seat at the BCS decisions-making table.
– Notre Dame no longer gets its yearly undeserved hellahype in preseason rankings and preseason All-America teams.

In short, until Notre Dame football starts winning again, it’s Rice to me.”

Rice? Really?
OK, let’s make a Point here.

ESPN gave Both Texas and USC their own TV deal- how was Texas last year? How come NBC can’t buy a team, but HIS network can? Sounds a bit hypocritical to me.
Finally, the run that ND football gets is due to the guys in the cubical next to you, not the fault of ND. If you don’t want College Gameday going there, tell your boss to tell their boss.
You can’t tell NBC or ESPN how to do their business. I live in SEC country, and there is VERY little on ND here, if any. It’s on ESPN, so its YOUR fault, not ND’s.

“That hurts your feelings? Watch “Rudy” ’til you feel better.”

Not only will I watch Rudy, but Lord of the Rings as well.

“Can you explain to me how a team that hasn’t won a national championship since 1988, a Heisman since 1987, or more than eight games its last five seasons still gets treated like the 1967 Green Bay Packers?”

I’m going to eliminate two paragraphs on games won and the ACC.

Let’s look at the Heisman and the NC as barometer of who is good.

Georgia last NC 1980, last Heisman 1982
Texas A&M  NC 1939 H 1957
Penn State NC 1986 H 1973
Oklahoma State No Title, Heisman 1988
Since ND’s last title, only 14 teams have won the title. And can we not use the relic of the Heisman as the barometer for Football iconography? Guess how many the Tide have in thier LONG history.

Or a THIRD of the number of winners Auburn has.

“If college football won’t put its foot down and force Notre Dame to join a conference — as every other sport at Notre Dame has — then the least it can do is stop paying it a bowl bonus of $1.3 million when it DOESN’T go to a bowl game. That’s right: Notre Dame gets a $1.3 million bowl bonus simply for dressing up the stupid leprechaun.”
“I hear what the Domers are saying. They’re saying, “Notre Dame doesn’t have to be in a conference. Notre Dame is unlike any other football power. Notre Dame is a national brand.”
Sure, and girls are still wearing leg warmers.”

Great point.
Notre Dame should be FORCED to share any and all monies it gets from a bowl game with the other teams, how DARE they keep the money they earn.
Oh, and they get 1.3M for not making the bowl?
How much Bowl Money have Vandy,Ole Miss,Miss St, Tenn, earned compared to what they have been given by LSU, Bama and Florida since the BCS started? How many teams have NEVER made a bowl in 5 years yet keeps getting a check from the conference?

Notre Dame is not a national brand any more than USC, Alabama or Stanford. A national brand? What would its slogan be, “Dominating Navy just about every year”? What kind of national brand loses to freaking Tulsa (2010)? Please, NCAA and BCS, stop leaping to attention every time caller ID says it’s Notre Dame. The Irish haven’t finished in the top 20 in any poll in five years. They can leave a message.

I see more ND gear in LSU country than I do USC, UGA, OSU or Penn State right now.
Shall we look at the NCAA merchandising lists?

The lastest year I could find was 2010. Notre Dame is ranked 11th. My school, North Carolina, is ranked 5th. ND is right behind OSU and Penn State, both ND might have passed for VERY different reasons. There are 6 SEC schools in the top 10, plus Michigan, along with the above mentioned schools.

– Insert story about how bad the loss to USC was.

When your NBC contract expires in 2015, do the right thing and don’t renew. Lower some expectations until you can turn this thing around. And you’re a Mars Rover trip from turning it around.

– Can we ask the same of YOUR contract?

– insert comparing Chip Kelley to Bob Davie and a prediction of the Irish going 7-5.

Somebody needs to make Notre Dame play by the same rules as everybody else. If there’s anything we’ve learned from the Penn State mess, it’s that nobody gets to live on a pedestal anymore.

– WHOA, you are comparing the PENN STATE mess to a NBC contract? REALLY? I actually was impressed by his JoePa column. But to compare these two- is like comparing Manson to a guy playing 3 card monte on the sidewalk. PSU destroyed LIVES, what is ND doing that is wrong by the way?
What would Riley’s take be if Texas was independent, with all the ESPN money in it coffers?

You flunked, Notre Dame. Go back a grade.

I don’t even understand this one. Does this mean a one-year ban from NBC? The 1.3M?

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