Roundtable 8/15: Meet the Roundtable

Welcome to the Roundtable, on our new night on Wednesdays, we thought that we would give you, the reader a little background on the crew that hopefully is entertaining you on a weekly basis, as always, any question, put it in the comments.

This week as always, are Jim “Feddie” Jacobs, Collin “Jason” Caprini, Joao “Chuckie” Pedro, and David “Pinhead” Snipes


1. How long have you been following MMA?

Jim: Since around 2004. Its funny because people have this notion that I’m some kind of UFC nuthugger but it was Pride and Wanderlei Silva specifically that got me into MMA. After that I branched off into the UFC, and haven’t missed the last 80 UFC PPV’s. I try and watch as many fights as I can in as many promotions as I can.

Collin: Since 2008, when I bought “Pride Fighting Legacy Vol. 4” at WalMart.

Joao: Since 1998, give or take. I knew the UFC before that, but I simply did not have the means to follow it. The sport grew alongside the internet explosion and 1998 was the year in which I started to watch the events and fights, read the news and blogs.

David: I’ll be honest, I started with TUF1. I used to watch wrestling- and would DVR it, and they pushed this new reality show that looked interesting. Started watching TUF, got hooked on the Characters (loved Leben) and just got more and more into it. Considering UFC fought 2 miles from my house, I never even saw an ad for it. That was UFC 37 by the way- Matt Linland vs Bustamante! Of course BJ Penn was on that card- but whatever. So TUF1.

2. Favorite Fighter?

Jim: BJ Penn. Always been a big fan of BJ. He always comes to scrap and is a true warrior.

Collin: Tough to settle on just one, so I’ll make it a tie between Renzo Gracie and Igor Vovchanchyn.

Joao: Minotauro Nogueira. His tenacity and sheet will to recover from beatings and masterfully apply his BJJ was everything I expected to see from a fighter. Plus he is a really humble man, due to his birth conditions and upbringing.
Special mentions to Genki Sudo and Kazushi Sakuraba.

David: Quentin Henry, Chris Bell, Delanie Hall, Darnell Trotter. Danger, Ton- what? Oh, you mean UFC fighter?
I like Leben, Rich Franklin, Wandy, I really don’t have one singular guy. Sorry.

3. Favorite Fight? 

Jim: Wow, there are so many to choose from but I’ll say BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes I. Hughes was the WW champ and had defended his title 5 times and Penn moved up to 170 to fight Hughes. Penn finished off Hughes with a 1st round rear naked choke in dramatic fashion. Definitely one of my favorite fights of all time.

Collin: Henderson vs Shogun

Joao: Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg II at UFC 52. The pre-fight hype was tremendous even if the fight itself wasn’t the main event for that particular event. Trigg was the brash fighter that people loved to hate, and Hughes was, at the time, the most dominant welterweight the sport had seen.
A blitz start from Trigg including a groin shot that the referee did not notice and, all of a sudden, the champion was down and out, ready to be choked out in this rematch of theirs. Out of nowhere, Hughes defends the choke, reverses the position, picks his foe up, slams him with authority and proceeds to work him on the ground, winning with a rear naked choke.
A beautiful and exciting fight.

David: Frye vs Takayama: Pride 21. If you don’t jump out of your seat watching this for the first time- there is just no hope for you.

4. Dream Matchup- pull any two guys from any point in history

Coming up Next – Anderson Silva vs Godzilla!


Jim: Easy for me here. Fedor vs Anderson Silva. No doubt about it.

Collin: Pride 2005 GP Shogun vs UFC 101 Anderson Silva

Joao: Anderson Silva (UFC version) versus Wanderlei Silva (PRIDE version). In Brazil it is well documented what transpired between these 2 fighters, from teammates to bitter rivals as Anderson eventually left Chute Boxe to start training with the main faces from the BTT camp – precisely Chute Boxe’s main rivals.
I think that, in their respective primes, this would have been a tremendous, savage and spectacular fight.

David: As much as I’d like to throw some all-timers vs the new blood, Let me go with Wandy of GP2003 vs Chuck of UFC 52. The best fighter in Pride (sorry Fedor) vs the best one in the UFC at close to the same time. If I get an all-time dream, give me Mir – no accident, 2 years later, after crushing everyone vs Fedor after the first Cro-cop match.

5. Favorite point as a MMA fan?

Jim: Right around 2008 after Zuffa purchased Pride. It setup Pride vs UFC fights, and UFC 80 through UFC 100 are some of my favorite events of all time.

Collin: Henderson vs Shogun, Watching the greatest fight of all time from two of the greatest fighters all time live was something I’ll never forget.

Joao: When Hélio Gracie… oh, wait a second.
2003-06 (a fairly large period, I know) was the most exciting for me personally.

David: My first live show. USAMMA. Gil Guillory was just wonderful, and other than the fact I did such a HORRIBLE job, the night was just amazing.

6. If you injected Dana White with truth serum and had to get an honest answer to ONE question, what would it be?

Jim: I’m going to go with two. The first one that came right to mind when I read this question, was, “have you ever slept with a UFC ring card girl Dana?” But playing by the rules, if I had to choose one question to ask Dana it would be, “have you ever fixed a fight?”

Collin: Why do you lie about Zuffa getting the UFC regulated and changing the rules?

Joao: Where do you rank Fedor all-time on the Heavyweight division?

David: Where do you see the sport in 5 years? I think getting a non-bluster answer would be fascinating.

7. You are appointed High Chancellor of MMA, what rule change do you make?

Jim: This one has been driving me nuts lately so I’m going to have to go with it here. When a guy is standing but reaches down and touches the mat with his hand he is considered a downed opponent and his opponent cannot knee or kick to the head. Absolutely one of, if not the worst rule in MMA and needs to go.

Collin: Knees to a grounded opponent.

Joao: Yellow cards for stalling. Laying ‘n praying is the worst aspect of the sport.

David: Knees to a grounded opponent. Treating the head differently than the body is silly. Plus it limits the wrestlers.

8. What 3 fighters would you like to have a sitdown dinner with? (Pretend you are Joao, and speak 15 languages and Collin who speaks Klingon)

What? You want fettuccine?

Jim: Chael Sonnen, BJ Penn, and Matt Serra. Chael because I find him hilarious and a very intelligent guy. He’s obviously very opinionated on many subjects. Penn, because, well he’s my favorite fighter of all time. Serra, because the guy is an absolute riot and it would be non stop laughs with Sonnen and Serra going back and forth. And I’m sure Serra would have Veal Parm, meatballs, lasagna and pasta all over the table. Love Italian food.

Collin: Kazushi Sakuraba, Enson Inoue and Renzo Gracie.

Joao: Frank Mir and Kenny Florian, because I believe they are actually two fighters you can have an intelligent MMA conversation with. And also Machida, because his background and some training methods are so unorthodox that it would be sure to make for an interesting chat.

David: I’d go with Randy Couture, he seems like a guy that respects the sport, and is able to form an argument on almost anything, Chael Sonnen, who seems to really know the sport, and bluster aside, seems to really know everything about MMA, and Fedor, just to mix it up a bit with the GOAT heavyweight. Fedor and Randy seem like deep thinkers, while Chael will make sure we are not just sitting there stirring the iced tea.

9. Favorite part of MMA (standing,ground,clinch, scramble-etc)

Jim: Like any MMA fan you love every aspect of mixed martial arts. The casuals will always say standup is their favorite part, but I’m kind of a sucker for great scrambles. There’s nothing better than watching great sweeps, reverse positioning, guys chaining submissions together, etc. It’s just exciting stuff to watch.

Collin: Grappling, so long as both fighters are trying to finish the fight.

Joao: Submissions/ BJJ.
But I need to make it clear that what I like the most about MMA is exactly seeing everything mixed into a single fighting sport.

David: I like the standup. It’s the area of the sport I most know and can best recognize. I’ve seen dozens of triangle just feet away from me in the cage, but have yet to be caught in one. But I have ate a few jabs and overhand rights, those I know. I’ve taken a kick to the floaters. I know what Bas means when he screams Liver Kick!

10. Favorite MMA personality.

Do you love this guy?

Jim: Easy one. Matt Serra. I can watch this guy all day. In fact he should really have his own reality TV show. He’s just a naturally funny dude, and everything he does and says makes me laugh.

Collin: Wanderlei Silva

Joao: Joe Rogan. Sometimes he is over the top, others biased, but truth of the matter is that he is knowledgeable, does it all with passion and is definitely an important face of today’s MMA landscape.

David: Dana White. How many faces of the sport attacks fighters, officials, government flunkies all with the same vigor and still just wanting to improve the sport? Dana never seems to be happy with the UFC where it is, and never seems to be happy with any fight that goes the distance. I know he’s done a lot wrong, but I love Dana, and the sport is going to be in trouble if he gets hit by a bus tomorrow.

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