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Took the wife to the movies Tuesday night, to celebrate her graduation.

For some reason, she had about as much desire to see Spiderman and Batman as I did to see Magic Mike.

So without getting into spoilers, let me say I went into the movie not expecting much, not liking the Fockers series that much, the last Stiller movie I really enjoyed was Dodgeball.
That being said, Stiller plays a pretty good straight man, and looks the part of a straight-laced uptight suit. Stiller actually holds the movie together.
Jonah Hill is a scene stealer, he’s funny, he’s a little threatening without being menacing, but the question remains, how does he live in a cul-de-sac so rich it has a private COSTCO?
The worst of the four is Vince Vaughn, who looks forced, and keeps trying to steal scenes, but either lacks the dialogue or the presence.

The aliens are kinda goofy, but well done enough to be possibly threatening. R Lee Emery is simply awesome, as usual, and the rest of the supporting cast fits well.

The plot: Night Watchmen at said Costco is killed, Store Manager Stiller wants to track down the killer, since the police force is useless (and annoying). He makes a speech at a football game, and brings 3 others to join him in his search. Aliens and hilarity ensue.

Rating: Worth a rental.


Love the boyfriend, even though the twists are easy to see coming, some are still funny. I did love the line with the guy taking the daughter out and asking if the story of her dad ripping the last guys nuts off was true.
The Alien waking up in the basement happened 1.2 seconds after the wife called it. The next door neighbor is fun.
Stillers wife is pretty hot to boot!

The Major issue is of course the guy coming back to save the team, You could see it coming, and why wouldn’t he have an army of sex-slaves after the planet is conquered? Having to hit the aliens in the nuts is also kinda silly.

The Weapon also being a powersource is kinda silly, why is it out on the road to start with? I can see the power cables needing all the access ports, but why does a finger start it? The Cow exploding parts are fun- can’t say I blame them doing that, though.

Hope you enjoyed that, thanks for reading

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