UFC 150 Preview

Welcome the UFC 150 extravaganza! To celebrate this milestone the UFC puts out its top draws and highest ranking figh- uh no.

We get an average PPV.

But let’s break it down anyway, shall we?

 With me on the Roundtable is of course, Collin “The Reem” Caprini, Jim ” Bones” Jacobs, and I am of course, David “Napao” Snipes.

Now let’s get to the show!

Yushin Okami vs Buddy Roberts

Jim: I love Okami in this fight. I don’t see Roberts offering Okami much in this spot. Okami will have the better striking, better grappling, and will be the stronger fighter. I look for Okami to outstrike Roberts and mix in some takedowns. Eventually he wears on a gassing Roberts and pounds him out. Yushin Okami via TKO Round 2.
Collin: This will be as lopsded a fight as you’ll see on a UFC main card this side of Cody McKenzie vs Chad Mendes.  I can’t say that I’ve seen Buddy Roberts fight, so I can’t really speak to his strengths/weaknesses.  Does it really matter though?  Okami is a top 5 middleweight; a powerful wrestler, solid striker and adept grappler.  Unless Roberts is a Chael Sonnen wrestler, Marcello Garcia submission artist or Anderson Silva level striker, he’s in for a bad night.  Yushin will probably showcase his improving standup and then take him down in every round en route to a decision win.
David: Buddy Roberts was supposed to fight Chris Camozzi, who was injured, and got bumped up the card. I will be honest, I also have never seen him fight, but he’s a Jackson fighter, and hasn’t lost since 2009. His record is pretty well rounded, as far as ways he’s won, but he is without a doubt jumping in the deep end here. He also last fought in June so this is a fairy quick turnaround as well. Okami is just miles ahead of anyone he’s faced, so I’ll take this for the spotlight fight it is, and wait for Buddy’s second fight to see what he has- he is a Jackson guy, so an upset is possible.
Okami- DEC

Jake Shields vs Ed Herman

Collin: God love Ed “Short Fuse” Herman; the man isn’t afraid to take tough fights.  Ed is the kind of gatekeeper/veteran the UFC have to love; weeding out less than exciting prospects and showcasing the talent of struggling elite level fighters.  Ed does bring big power in his looping shots, and has a decent overall boxing attack.  I don’t think it will matter much though, because Jake Shields is an absolutely dominant wrestler.  He should by all means take down Herman over and over again, and probably find something along the way like a rear naked choke or head and arm triangle, especially as Herman’s gas tank fades near the end of the fight.
Jim: Ed Herman is a solid fighter but isn’t great at any aspect of MMA. Jake Shields is a great grappler, and I see this being the difference in the fight. On the feet Herman should have the advantage but it won’t be as big as some would think. Clifford Starks who’s know primarily for his wrestling was able to outstrike Herman in their meeting. I don’t see Herman clipping Shields in this fight, which would be his only path to victory in my opinion. I think Shields will take Herman down and keep him there round after round. Shields may submit Herman but I think Herman is slick enough on the ground to avoid it. However, I don’t see him winning this fight from his back. Shields via Unanimous Decision.
David: Ed Herman has a real problem with putting together a good winning streak, getting on the outer edge of a title run, then MASSIVELY stepping on his dick. He did the same thing on TUF3, losing to Kendall Grove, and later vs Damien Maia- coming off 3 great stoppages, now he’s on another 3 fight win streak, and, what, 2 wins away from a title shot? Jake seems like he likes 185 more than 170, Jake does not take a lot of damage in his fights, and is a VERY smart fighter, he comes in with a great gameplan, even if it means be boring. Shields is going to try and work his striking in round 1, if it works he’s pick Ed apart on the outside, if not, he’ll take it to the ground and see what Ed has. Hermans pretty good on the ground and should be able to survive the fight. Shields DEC

Donald Cerrone vs Melvin Guillard

David: Guess what happens when a fighter gets caught by submissions waaaay to much, and fights a guy who seems to win a good bit by submission? I’m taking the Cowboy. He does trust his chin more than he should, and has problems when he gets behind and can’t get the fight to the ground, but Melvin isn’t going to stop his shot too often. I think Melvin’s only chance is a flash KO, but that might be his only chance.
Cerrone Sub2
Collin: This is a great fight in my opinion.  Both are great strikers, but I fear that Melvin may have run into yet another guy with great offensive submissions and a way better gas tank.  If the fight gets out of the first 2-3 minutes, I favor Cerrone’s technically and tactically sound leg kick and straight punch kickboxing style over Melvin’s violent boxing.  If Cerrone starts out slow, he could get run over by Melvin’s speed and power.  Melvin still doesn’t seem to have good positional awareness on the ground though, and I think after a round or so of pulverizing the legs of “The Young Assassin” Donald will take him down and tap him.
Donald Cerrone, Submission, Round 2
Jim: Gotta agree with you guys in this one. It’s pretty basic to breakdown. If Guillard doesn’t rock Cerrone early then he is losing this fight. I don’t see Guillard landing any fight changing shot. Cerrone is too technical on the feet and he knows Guillard will be looking for that one big shot. On the mat Cerrone holds a significant edge. Cerrone will wear Guillard down with kicks and punches. Guillard is susceptible to submissions and I think Cerrone, who’s wrestling has improved greatly, will drag a gassing Guillard to the mat at some point and finish Melvin off with a rear naked choke. Cerrone via Sub Round 2.


Benson Henderson vs Frankie Edgar

David: one of the perks of doing this RT is I get to pick the order, so I can be the first on record of taking Frankie here. The reasons are . . . Several.
1) Frankie ALWAYS looks better in rematches. He’s almost Hoodie-like in that regard. He just seems to pick up where they left off in timing and distance, and that could be bad for Bendo, who like to move a lot.
2) Frankie know if he loses, Dana’s gonna make him drop down. He’s fighting so he doesn’t have to sauna an extra 5 hours before a fight, plus he loses his quickness advantage. That’s some serious motivation.
3) It was a razor thin bout- and I’m not sure Bendo has another 25 of greatness in him. Frankie is getting to the point of rarely having a bad championship round.
4) Bendo wants to finish it early, and talks of coming out hard and fast. I’ll take Frankie’s gas tank over Bendo’s.
Jim: This is going to be a damn close fight. Both guys have tremendous cardio, both have good striking and wrestling. Henderson will hold the size and strength advantage but Edgar will be the quicker fighter. I know a lot of people are on Henderson in this fight but Edgar always seems to be better in remacth fights. I think he’s going to outstrike Henderson and mix in takedowns to steal points and rounds. Take the upkick away in the first fight and I think Edgar takes that fight. I don’t see another lucky upkick here. Frankie Edgar becomes the New UFC LW champ via Unanimous Decision.
Collin: Gotta differ with David on this one.  Edgar has finally found an opponant with equal skill sets and an equal gas tank.  Benson has killer kicks, no fear of Frankie’s power or takedowns and a great wrestling and submission game.  Not to mention the fact that he will be about 20 pounds heavier in the cage.  Ben can finish this fight so many different ways at any time, and I think to win Frankie needs to drag him into deep waters and either finish with a late TKO or a take a close decision.  And with the talent and conditioning of Henderson, I simply do not see that happening.
Henderson, Decision.

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