UFC on FOX 4

Prelim Card Results:

John Moraga (11-1) def. Ulysses Gomez (9-3) via KO in Round 1

Gomez gets stopped, for the first time, and what a stoppage it was! Moraga just did a great job of getting angles and Gomez should get another fight here, nothing to be ashamed of, but MAN Moraga is a guy to kick off a card with.

Manny Gamburyan (12-7) def. Michihiro Omigawa (13-12-1) via unanimous-decision

Manny threw everything he had and Omi just kept coming forward- what is it lately with these guys? Now the UFC has 2 Zombies? Manny looked good, showed some MONSTER slams that will make sure his next fight is on the main card, but he needs something- of course he’s needed something since he was on TUF as well.

Philip De Fries (9-1) def. Oli Thompson (9-4) via submission (rear-naked choke) in Round 2

Philip got his knockdown right as Rogan was saying he didn’t have power. I’ll say it, he doesn’t have power. He needs to get to a gym that teaches power and put some MASS on that body, guy looks like a middleweight. Have him eat lunch with Roy Nelson. Oli looked bad, and also needs a gym change- is there a British Team Takedown? He never could close the distance and never looked in control. He might get cut, unless there’s a Euro-card soon.

Rani Yahya (17-7) def. Josh Grispi (14-4) via submission (north-south choke) in Round 1

Grispi is GOOD, but Yahya just kept moving a little smoother and a heartbeat faster, this was just a joy to watch. I’m not a ground guy, but watching two guys with this much talent roll make me happy I have slo-mo on the TV. Yahya gets into N-S, Josh fails to defend in time and its a TAP!

Phil Davis (9-1) and Wagner Prado (8-0) fought to a no-contest following an  eye poke.

Davis went all Koscheck here- throwing his glove out constantly, and finally got the eye, Prado had a pretty good gash on his face and was TICKED. He’s a mean looking dude, by the way. I love his attitude, once he found out they were going to stop the fight as he couldn’t see, his eye turned normal and he was fine. Dude wanted in there in the worst way.

Nam Phan (18-10) def. Cole Miller (18-7) via split-decision

Cole never really used his ground game, and Nam got inside way too often here. When you have the VAST reach advantage, and you are the one counter-striking, something is off. This was a bout either could win, and a great way to end a great night of pre-lims.

UFC on FOX 4 Main Card Results:

Welterweight Bout:
Mike Swick (15-4) def. DaMarques Johnson (15-11) via KO in Round 2

I’m a HUGE Swick fan, but Johnson had me a little worried during round 1. I did enjoy seeing Swick get the win, but that was an AWESOME KO. Johnson threw a kick that got caught, and Swick bounced his head off the canvas on the way down. Johnson looked good, should get another shot, but what to do with Swick now? I want to see him face someone that won’t drag him too deep again. Che Mills or Amir Sadollah, Win that and maybe a Maia matchup?

Lightweight Bout:
-Joe Lauzon (22-7) def. Jamie Varner (20-7-1) via submission (triangle choke) in Round 3

Varner again looked great, but looked like he gassed a bit late. Lauzon looked like he got stronger as the fight went on, and he was able to get the submission in just a wonderful triangle. Varner should be looking at another Fuel Fight, maybe even Melvin if he losses, and give Joe Cerrone if he wins on a Main Event of a FX spot. Lauzon is a great lightweight who finished.

Light Heavyweight Bout:
Lyoto Machida (18-3) def. Ryan Bader (14-3) via KO in Round 2

Mach looked pretty good here, I don’t understand him coming in so light, Joe Rogan said he might be cutting to 185.
Why? Anderson Silva is there! Are they going to swap divisions?
Bader never took a shot- not one. That’s why Lyoto looked better than Shogun. Vera showed up to fight with a solid gameplan and chin.
But to the question. I don’t understand dropping that much weight- he was faster than Jones before- and now Jones will outweigh him by 30 pounds- expect JJ to drop him on his back and pound him out.
Back to the fights.

Light Heavyweight Bout:
Mauricio Rua (205 lbs. 20-6) vs. Brandon Vera (203.8 lbs. 12-5, 1NC)

This was the best Vera I can remember, and still was unable to beat a Shogun that look like he gassed in Round 2. Shogun beat a better fighter, but I think he lost the title shot when he turned down fighting Glover. He needed to dominate to get ahead of Machida. He beat the better guy in a better fight, but Dana gave the fight to the guy that didn’t tick him off the most recently. (Two points to the person that comments when Lyoto ticked Dana off.)
But Shogun was gassed, but showed his Pride Power that in some recent fight has disappeared.


All in all, a great night of fights, only marred by the cruddy heavyweight fight, and the Phil Davis eyepoke.



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  1. Machida may go down in weight class as Silva is hinting on vacating the belt and going down to challenge GSP.

    I disagree Vera is/was a better fighter (than Ryan).
    If he would fight against Machida, he would be the one unable to find Machida, and Ryan would be the one trading punches with Rua.
    Heck, if Ryan fought Brandon, Ryan would probably KTFO Vera in the 1st, without gassing like Rua!

    Bottom line is: Rua was in a war with Vera. he didn’t get the nod necause Machida dominated his adversary while Rua did not (in the same fashion).

    Rua pissed off Dana? I recall not long ago, Machida asked for “Anderson Silva’s money” for fighting Rashad Evans at UFC 133, and he was on Dana’s Sh*t list ever since!
    Well, perhaps there’s only one spot at Dana’s sh*t list and as such Rua got it from the dragon!!

    But this would be hard to argue as Dana wanted to award Rua a title shot and only because the fans cried foul, he moved to be between the co and the main event…

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