MMA Roundtable: Aug 3, 2012

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable! This week we have the normal crew, Joao “Shemp” Pedro, Collin “Larry” Caprini, Jim “Curly” Jacobs and of course, your host for the evening, David “Moe” Snipes. Lets get onto the Questions!

You are Dana White. During the (a) PPV, somehow Fedor gets into the cage with Joe Rogan, whom after performing fellatio, gives him the mic.
Fedor offers ONE fight and one fight only at the year end PPV. No co-promotion, no M-1 issues. Dana hands him a check for 1M (us) and Fedor fights anyone the UFC wants for one night only.

Dana. Do you take it- and who do you have him face?

Joao: I would take it and have him face Frank Mir. Why Mir? Because I am not seeing Fedor dropping to 205 and he’s not a top contender right now at his natural weight class (sorry, but he isn’t). Therefore, a fight with Junior dos Santos or Cain Velasquez is out of the equation. There are other options such as Carwin (no thrills), Minotauro (but it’s not a rubber match), Overeem (with some bad luck, he would flunk another test), but I think Mir is a better option towards selling this fight.

Collin: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.  Fedor isn’t a top contender anymore.  And especially if he taking a one and done retirement type deal you don’t want to see him either smashed by a contender, or beat a solid contender and ruin the title picture.  You don’t want to see him destroy a Mike Russow either, because that doesn’t mean anything.  The only good fight in that scenario is one with historical context.  Let the old rivals, the #1 and #2 Heavyweights of all time get in there and compete one more time.  Their careers are following similar arcs, and to me that fight makes the most sense.

Unless of course they could somehow coerce Lesnar back, then make that fight happen.

Jim: This might sound a bit crazy but I give Captain America a call and see what he’s up to. Randy Couture I feel would be the fight I would be most intrigued by for Fedor. Randy hasn’t been out of the cage too long, and this is the fight both guys have always wanted, and its a fight the fans have wanted for many years. Actually, I don’t think its crazy anymore, it actually makes the most sense. Give me Fedor versus Couture.


A friend of mine went back and forth with about 5 guys- until I put out my pick. I’m taking Randy for this reason.

Win or Lose- I can be done with Fedor.

Fedor is still a VERY good fighter, and did better vs Hendo than you think. If you gave me decent odds, I’d put money on him vs anyone.

That being said, Fedor wins over Mir, Carwin, or Brock, and M-1 is going to be all over the place screaming for another deal. Almost anyone else is not going to pop the buyrate to make giving a Mil to Fedor worth it.

Fedor beats Couture? So? He beat a retiree Couture beats Fedor and Randy drops a HUGE shovel on Fedor’s career (and Dana pops huge wood).

I’m not burning a prospect to help M-1 make a case for a contract. I’m not giving the UFC fans more images of Pride.
Randy vs Fedor.

2. MMA in the Olympics, good idea?

Joao: I personally do not like it. Because you need to have a watered down version of the sport, for it to be accepted. And that is simply uninteresting. I do think it is time to have BJJ as an olympic sport starting in 2016, but not MMA.

Collin: No, it is a horrible idea.  MMA is just too hard on a person to be given to such a large bracket.  6 or more fights wouldn’t prove anything about who the best fighter in the world is.  And to make it work we would get something like three three minute rounds with headgear, shinpads, no heel hooks, no neck cranks and such.

Jim: Not at all. Joao and Collin are spot on. The thing that kills it for me would be the Olyimpic committee and their stringent rules. The safety of it would kill the entertainment aspect for me. I’m all set with MMA being an Olympic sport.

David: Drug testing yes, fighting, no. With the bastardization of Boxing, they would have pads, helmets, 2 minute rounds, no kicks, no leglocks, no anything, plus we have wrestling already.

3. MMA in the Olympics, ever happen?

Joao: “Never” is a strong word, so I will reply in this fashion: it will not happen in the next 20 years. I just do not see the Olympic Committee accepting it and, let’s face it, the most visible face of the MMA world – the UFC – doesn’t have the Olympics as a priority.

Collin: I’ll say it; real MMA, without being bastardized with rules that I described above, will never be in the Olympics.  Now lets move on and get BJJ and/or No-Gi Submission Wrestling in.  These sports need to be in the Olympics, and that “White Water Canoeing” is an Olypmic sport and these are not is a tragedy.

Jim: I don’t see it happening. We haven’t even gotten into the length of the competition and tourney style format. Injuries would kill the entire competition unless the Olympic committee stepped in and put rules in place limiting the amount of injuries. And that wouldn’t be a great thing for MMA fans. I also can’t see any reputable sanctioning body allowing MMA fighters competing in this type of tourney format. MMA as an Olympic sport will never happen.

David: You think Cuban gets ticked at the games? Wait till half his champions get drafted onto a London 2012 roster. Not to mention the Brazil team is going to roll to the finals vs the US. You think UFC 99 and 101 had issues? Wait till we get a PPV with Kendall Grove vs Cote in the main event, or Brandon Vera main eventing on FOX.


4. Who loses first in Bellator: Cole Konrad or King Mo?

Joao: Depends on respective opponents, but I will say King Mo loses first. Konrad seems more keen to dedicate himself to the sport, while not forgetting that wrestling is his bread and butter. Mo is a character looking to split time between pro wrestling and MMA, and that will eventually land him some bad results in the latter.

Collin: Well, the best Light Heavyweight in Bellator right now is Travis Wiuff, and we all saw what Mo did to him.  Add in the crazy upredictability of HW with guys like Blagoi Ivanov and Thiago Santos in the division, and the answer is easy to me: Cole Konrad will lose first.

Jim: I can’t see anyone in Bellator beating King Mo at 205. Kole Conrad is obviously a handful for anyone, especially in Bellator, but a guy like Thiago Santos or even Brett Rogers can land one of those hammers and rock him. Anything can happen at Heavyweight, and even though chances aren’t that great that it does, they’re even more slim for anyone fighting King Mo at 205.

David: The problem with both these guys is they are far and away the best fighters in the division. I’ll take Kole here, just because there can always be a big guy with concrete in his glove to find a spot on the chin. King Mo might get bored, however and let someone take him out who normally wouldn’t. But if I had to put cash on it, I’d take Kole to lose first.

5. Rank your excitement on UFC on Fox 4 from 1-10, 10 being highest

Joao: An 8, which is something uncharacteristic for a non PPV event. The two main bouts present very interesting match-ups and will eventually define the Light Heavyweight pecking order. This is the last chance for Vera to fulfill on his promise, while Shogun is trying to get another title shot. And Machida vs Bader is a tremendous fight. The rest of the card also has its array of top notch fighters, with Joe Lauzon, Quick Swick, Cole Miller, Phil Davis, the BJJ wizard Rani Yahya, Omigawa, among others. It is a stacked card and the top fights are certainly main event material.

Collin: 9.  I’m really psyched for this card.  Shogun vs. Vera is for sure Muay Thai fireworks in the main event and Machida/Bader is a solid matchup.  Not to mention all the extremely exciting guys Joao mentioned, for me especially Ranni and Omigawa.  This is by far the best effort they have put forth on Fox.

Jim: I’ll give it a 6.5. Sure, Shogun and Machida are fighting in the main event and co-main event, but are these really competitive fights? I can’t see either guy losing. Lauzon vs Varner should be great, but after that are any of these fights really that intersting? Davis will steamroll Prado and Swick vs Johnson should be solid, but after that, eh, nothing spectacular. It’s a good card, but not great.

David: If you added a REAL main event, say a title fight, and took off the main (or bumped it down) this would be a SOLID card, problem is, it just doesn’t feel real to me. This card is littered with guys I like, but there isn’t a fight at the top I just HAVE to see. Put the Faber/Cruz fight at top, or even the 125 Finals, and I’m all in. Right now, I’ll go with a 7.


Thats all we wrote people, Have a good week, and send in the questions.

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