Welcome to 7poundbag!

A New site
New concept

Same People- well, some of us.

Welcome to 7poundbag.

What this site is about is simply a way for people to share thoughts and opinions on everything from a baseball game to their new iPhone App.

I started off in Sports, I had a website with several other people around here, and to be honest, it failed. The Best of Informative Sports can be found here, and I truly feel we did some quality writing there. Eventually the site ended and the writers moved on, to SportsNickel, iSportsweb, BleacherReport, etc.

One thing that tended to bother me, is that as much as I like sports, its not the be-all end-all of life. When my son and I sit down and watch Transformers II, and I feel like writing about it, where do I post it? Blogspot? Facebook? I wanted an outlet for that as well.

So along comes 7poundbag.


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