Jacque Vaughn, Basketball Coach – and how old am I?

One thing about being old, is seeing how things change. When I first started watching the NBA, the premiere coaches were old guys that played in the 1700s, only grainy footage existed of them shooting at peach baskets and ducking under benches during indian attacks. Dr Jack, Lenny Wilkins, Pat Riley, Jerry Sloan, Dave Cowens and the like, No, I’m not old enough to remember Red on the Bench.

Strange thing happened in the 90s. Players I remember seeing play started to get the coaches chair, guys like Byron Scott, Rudy T, Kurt Rambis and Bird. Of course I didn’t collect basketball cards till the early 90s, but my Lil bro and I had a shitton of them (still do, if you want any).

But now? Players I have the rookie cards for are getting jobs. Scott Skiles comes to mind, as does Larry Drew, Terry Porter, Vinny, etc.

The newest to join that club, Jacque Vaughn, is another player I have a ton of rookie cards for- in fact the two other finalists- Lindsey Hunter and Michael Curry, I got both of them as well.

And now Double Digits on ones I have Rookie Cards.

Vaughns rookie cards increased in value from having to look at a picture of a penny to now looking at an actual coin.

This actually moves to over half the NBA’s coaches I’ve seen play, 16 now. Of course, not every coach plays in the NBA, so I might not ever see 25.

Of Course, just for the heck of it, let’s hear for Shaq on this.



– gotta love Shaq.

Orlando magic is about to hire jock Vaughn over mike Malone or Brian shaw are u kidding me, wow, good luck winning wit Dat team Dwite Howard.”


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