MMA Roundtable III

MMA Roundtable III

That’s right everybody, just becasue there isn’t a card of note, don’t mean we wont talk some MMA. Sitting at the table today, as always is Joao “More Salsa” Pedro, Collin “More Cheetos” Caprini” and Jim “More Strudel: Jacobs and I am your barkeep, David Snipes. As always, if you have a burning Q, send it in. This time we changed it up, as each member of the panel saw the previous entry, instead of working independently, we hope you like it.

1. Was UFC149 the worst main card of the year thus far?

Joao:Let’s go with a “yes” here. First of all, this was probably the numbered event I was anticipating the less, from those that have already played out in 2012. And when the fights happened, the entertainment value just wasn’t there, when compared to other events. Stalling and decisions, the prelims outclassed the main card, the crowd was obviously restless and Lombard’s debut was terrible.

Each year an event (again, only looking at numbered ones) has to fill the shoes of being the worst one. This is it. At least so far.

Jim: Absolutely, and its not even close. The Riddle versus Clements fight was a good fight to start things off but man did it go down hill. What was Ebersole doing in his fight versus Head? Kongo and Jordan decided to hang out against the cage for 15 minutes. Lombard and Boetsch was a snoozfest. The Faber versus Baroa fight was decent but I expected more and by then the crowd was so angry it didn’t matter. When the president of the UFC says he was embarrassed you know the card was awful.

Collin:   Yes, the main card was boring.  Ebersole looked tiny at welterweight for the first time, and his shooting over and over again without success was as frustrating to most fans as it was to him.  Jordan looked horrible against Kongo.  If there was one thing you expected a former LSU linebacker who used to bench 610 and run a 4.6 40 to do to a gatekeeper opponent whom he outweighed by some 35 pounds to do was muscle him against the fence, and he failed miserably.

David: Did everyone forget UFC Brazil? Oh yeah, this one was worse. Normally I look online for the highlights to see what I missed? But I dont even care that much, even though this show wiped out my gambling roll.

2. UFC 148 hit 1M buys. Do you see an event on the horizon that will see that number?

Joao: Essentially depends on the main event fight. And unless GSP vs Anderson or Jon Bones vs Anderson materializes, I don’t see that figure being reached anytime soon. As the fighters themselves seemingly have no appetite for such a bout, expect that figure to go unmatched for quite some time.

Jim: I agree with Joao here. Unless a superfight is made there will be no 1 million PPV buy cards on the horizon. Save Brock Lesnar coming back to fight Frank Mir for a 3rd time. And even then it might not get to 1 million.

Collin: No, nothing coming up will do those kind of numbers.  Hendo/Jones will be the closest, but even that will be a long way off of 1 mil buys.  Like the others said, it would take a pretty big super fight to do those kind of numbers, and it looks like the Champs have some more housecleaning to do in their divisions before that happens now.

David: I think JDS/Cain had potential, but not without a STRONG co-main. Without Tito or Penn as a number 2, until we get GSP back, I dont see it happening until Dana starts with a mega-card like UFC200


3. Should UFC 150 be a bigger deal?

Joao: I think that UFC 150, while probably not having limelight star power and being in Denver, will deliver in terms of exciting fights. 4 out of the 5 main card fights look like action packed ones, at least on paper. It will certainly be an upgrade from UFC 149.

Jim: No. I think its going to be a very good card but it should not be a bigger deal than what they are selling it as. Henderson versus Edgar will be a very good fight and so will Cerrone versus Guillard but none of those guys are top main event sellers and as much as Shields and Okami are solid fighters, they just don’t do it for me. UFC 150 will be a nice card and I’m looking forward to it, but let’s be honest, anything is an upgrade over UFC 149.

Collin:  Not really.  It is a good card, but it doesn’t have a ton of starpower, nor a lot of explosive matchmaking.

David: I think the table has missed my meaning, should the UFC be making UFC a bigger deal than it is? UFC 50 had Tito, UFC 100 was the benchmark, UFC 150 is a “meh” card. Jones/Hendo should be the draw here, make it mean a little bit more, the UFC seems to forget these nice round numbers for some reason.

4. Did Lombard have the worst promotional debut in recent UFC history?

Joao: While most people expected Lombard to become an immediate Middleweight contender, I can think of world beaters who fared worse in their UFC debuts. I’ll award that suspicious distinction to Shogun’s UFC debut. Let us face it, Lombard didn’t come in with the curriculum Shogun had, and least managed not to get KOed or submitted. True, Forrest Griffin is a better opponent than Boetsch, but still…

Jim: No he didn’t. Lombard didn’t do much in his fight against Tim Boetsch but Boetsch did even less and Lombard won the fight regardless of what two incometent judges thought. Shogun came into his fight against Griffin injured, so I’ll give him a pass and say Jake Shields performance was the worst for top fighters. Shields was sold to us as a guy who could dethrone GSP at welterweight. He came in and looked like crap against Martin Kampmann and gassed horribly in that fight. A fight, where a lot of people thought he lost. The same can’t be said for Lombard.

Collin: I agree with Jim, Shields had a much worse debut than Hector did.  Hector just chose not to chase down his fleeing opponent for fear of gassing out and losing  with a title shot on the horizon.  Tim is the one who made that fight what it was.

David: Jim hit it on the head, Jake looked like poo, and I think he lost that fight, but my buddy Jack was telling me he rewatched that GSP fight with no sound, and he thinks Jake won THAT fight. Just throwing it out there.

5. Did Lombard’s dubut temper excitement for Eddie Alvarez?

Three to 1 odds people.

Joao: It all depends, but I see Alvarez as a very streaky fighter. When he is pumped up and all cylinders are working, he can beat any Lightweight in the world. But his grappling isn’t as good as his hands and overall aggressiveness and cardio.

I personally enjoy watching Alvarez fight and he’s a bonafide contender in any organization. Just don’t expect him to become a champion all of a sudden.

Jim: I don’t think people have the same expectations for Alvarez as they did for Lombard. Eddie is a guy that lost to Michael Chandler in Bellator recently and wasn’t on the roll that Lombard was on. I think that loss to Chandler tempered people’s excitement more than the Lombard “loss.”

Collin: No.  His loss to Michael Chandler did that.  Hector is a completely different fighter with a completely different skill set, and his performance shouldn’t really have shocked those that saw his fights with Schlemenko and Vitale.

David: I think for the casual fan, it might. Hector was supposed to be this AAA prospect who finally gets his shot in the big leagues. Then he comes in and gets shelled for 5 runs in 3 innings. True, only 2 of those runs were earned, but he still got yanked. Eddie has been pimped even more as a top 3 LW before his loss, and some even thought he might have been #1. Now he loses to an unknown, is coming to the UFC, and the last “Major” champion we got in the UFC from Bellator looked like poo.



Well, that’s it for this week. Expect big changes for next week, as we move to our new home with fresh tableclothes.



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  1. 4) Did anyone forget the fireball kid? Besides, you guys are forgetting that when he came to UFC, Dana made Jake go down in weight class from MW (where he was the champ in SF for a full year) to WW.
    If you can’t forgive him for obviously suffering the weight-cut, you are not being fair.

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