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As always, I am your host, David Snipes, and with me are Collin, Joao and Jim. Questions and Comments are loved.

1. Is Anderson the GOAT?

JIM: Yes, Anderson Silva is the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. I find it hard to believe anyone would think otherwise. At one time I stated that I would put Anderson ahead of Fedor when Anderson beat Chael Sonnen again. Well, that happened recently, and it happened impressively for Anderson. We’re talking about a guy who really hasn’t lost a fight in close to 8 years and is 16-0 in the UFC. Probably the greatest striker in MMA history, and for sure the best overall fighter the sports has ever seen.


Collin: Perhaps.


In my mind the Greatest of All Time debate is a three horse race between Dan Henderson, Fedor Emelianenko and Anderson.  What Anderson has accomplished in his UFC title reign has surpassed Fedor’s Pride FC run in my opinion, and the events of the next year or two will decide if he or Hendo should be considered GOAT.


Joao: At this point, I believe so. He has conquered the Middleweight division without any giving any space to opponents, and he has done it so convincingly. I also factor in the way in which he does it; compared to GSP, he usually finishes the job, most often than not in spectacular fashion. He has even beaten quality opponents at Light Heavyweight.

So, I do think he had surpassed Fedor as the all-time GOAT.


David: I’ll be honest, I think he has taken the crown. Fedor had a solid case for a long time, but you look at what Nate, Hendo and even guys like Rich and Forrest have done, It’s hard not to say he has. He’s beaten a top 5 guy, 2 or 3 times a year. Hard to claim he’s not.

2. What Criteria do you use for GOAT judging?


JIM: My criteria is always record, but more importantly level of competition. Another factor with me is always the eye test. Any Joe Schmoe can go to Sherdog fight finder and read a list of wins and opponents, but only true MMA fans watch a fight and come away knowing what fighter is skilled and what fighter is not skilled. Anderson Silva is just plain skilled, and his skill is on another level than most fighters the sport has ever seen. Add in his record, and resume of wins, and one can conclude he’s the greatest by that criteria.


Collin: The criteria is very loose, not clearly defined.  I judge overall career greatness based on titles and accomplishments, quality of opponents, and longevity.  Win loss records don’t weigh heavy in my mind, as every fighter has ebbs and flows to their careers.


Joao: Wins, quality of opponents, and the way the fights played out.

I also think that the quality of the weight class overall, in the respective timeframe, should be factored in.


David: Whom you beat, and who they beat. For example, Anderson beat Forrest, who just beat Tito, Franklin just beat Wandy, that just adds to Silva’s stature. One thing about Fedor is all the cans he faced in-between beating top 5 guys. If Kevin Randleman beats Jon Jones- it makes Fedor look better. Its not just dominating your weight class ala GSP, its having guys win. Dan Hardy’s losing streak hurts GSP’s case.

3. Did Weidman do enough to get to the head of the Victim #11 list?


JIM: How can anyone say that Weidman hasn’t done enough? The man is 5-0 in the UFC, has beaten a top 10 guy in Maia on 10 days notice, and made, what many considered, the 3rd best MW in the world, Munoz, look like a child. No one else in the division can say the same. Weidman also has the game to give Anderson all sorts of fits. His wrestling is top notch, and his grappling level overall is the best in the 185 division. His striking has improved with every fight under the tutelage of Ray Longo. Chris Weidman deserves the shot at the title and its not even a question.


Collin: Sure, why not.  Middleweight is in a strange place right now, with a wide variety of contenders and a champion who stands tall over all of them.  Bisping doesn’t deserve it, Boetsch doesn’t, Lombard doesn’t, Belcher doesn’t, so who does that really leave?  Weidman is as deserving as any.


Joao: No, not yet. I think he needs 1 more win against a top tier opponent. A win over Bisping or Belfort, for example. Or Luke Rockhold, if/ when he crosses over.

But, of course, if you have to give a title shot to anyone right now, without any further fights, then give it to Weidman.


David: If I HAVE to have a guy face Anderson. Unless something stunning happens, yes. Bisping isn’t ready with a 1 fight win streak. Is Weidman the #2MW in the world? No, maybe not even top 5. But can I sell a Silva/Weidman fight? Defiantly.

4. Where does Rockhold fit on your 185 list- does he have a better case than Weidman for Anderson?

JIM: Luke Rockhold has looked impressive against good middleweights such as Jacare Souza and Tim Kennedy, but he’s still right outside of the top 5 MW’s in the world. Guys like Belfort, Bisping, the winner of Boetsch-Lombard all have a bigger case. Weidman-Rockhold isn’t comparable. Luke has had a nice run in Strikeforce, but he needs to come over the the UFC and add a few pelts to that resume of his before he can lay claim to a shot at the title.


Collin: Luke fits into the middle bottom half of the top 10, outside of the top 5 but not by much.  I’d have him behind Anderson, Chael, Weidman, Belcher and Bisping, but ahead of Boetsch and Lombard.  The wins over Kennedy and especially Jacare bode well for him, but he simply hasn’t faced the upper echelon of the division yet.


Joao: Rockhold is just outside of the top 5 right now. So he is still behind Weidman on getting to Anderson. Between Muñoz, Demian Maia and Tom Lawlor, Weidman has fought better opponents than Rockhold.


David: Around 8ish. I don’t think beating Kennedy is better than Munoz or even beating Belcher or Wandy at this point.

5. Should Main Eventers be eligible for fight night bonuses (I.E. Silva over Mendez for 75K)


JIM:  Yes, main eventers should be eligible for fight night bonuses. I understand a lot of these guys are already making a ton on salary and PPV percent bonuses, but they deserve those extras. They’ve worked their way up and shouldn’t be punished by that fact. I also like that dangling carrot of bonuses out there for all fighters. These bonuses motivate fighters to put on a entertaining fight,s and hell if its deserved then of course they should be eligible.


Collin: Absolutely they should.  They are in the main event often because they are the best in the world, and the best often deliver the most stellar and dynamic finishes.  Why punish them for their success?  If lesser known fighters want the bonus, they need to truly earn it, not get it because of a better fighters ineligibility.


Joao: It is a good question because, naturally, main event fights are more hyped and have a tendency to be over glorified when compared with other card fights, even if the fight doesn’t truly deliver in terms of action.

But there are also main events and there there are “main events”, depending on the event.

To not complicate things further, I would keep it as it is.

David: Not on PPV. I’d rather see a guy getting 10/10 get the bonus than a guy who’s getting 100K and a cut of the PPV buyrate.

PPV ME get a huge chunck of what is brought it, and they deserve it, but Its amazing how often the guys on the pre-lims have better fights/finishes. Chris Lytle built a career out of FOTN bonuses, and became a bigger draw than Matt Serra, who actually held a title. Quite often a guy gets shafted out of a bonus because a guy further up the card was also impressive. I understand the “discretionary” bonus might make up for it, but we don’t really keep track of that. Getting 2 straight KO bonuses, or 2 straight KO of the night bonuses that are announced on TV and on your bio page as THE best. What sounds better?



Well, thats our Roundtable, Thanks for reading, and comments are loved.

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